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    Soaring Nationals Scores.

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  • Note: We the LSF Board,  would like to THANK ALL the Contestant / Volunteers and Worker Raffle Donors  for the hard work in managing to pull off the smoothest and best run Soaring Nationals to date. This is not a personal opinion, but that of many who were INVOLVED.
  • Following are Scores and Pictures form the week at the Nationals. If you have something that you would like to have considered for display, please send it along.
  • The idea is to show everyone who competed in the Nationals.
  • If you have something positive to comment on then by all means, please do.
  • Pictures may be available by clicking the Contest Name in blue.

                                       Thank You,

                 Jack Strother - LSF President / Temp Webmaster

  • NOTICE: The pictures on this page are available in reprinted form, much better than these from Mike Garton   (email mike@iastate.edu). 

    The 4" by 12" reprints are MUCH higher quality than the scanned images. 

    The Scores have been redone in a more professional manner. Thanks go out to Steve Meyer of Chicago for his help. Just click on the links below..

          [X-Country]    [F3B]    [Scale]    [F3J]    [HLG] 

        [2 Meter]      [Unlimited]  [RES]    [Nostalgia]

        [ Dan Pruss Memorial Award ]


  Spirit of Soaring Award 

Rob Glover - Huntsville, AL


Le Gray Award for Outstanding Contributions to Soaring  

Cal Posthuma - Coopersville, MI


Mike Stump, flite line operations, and Lil'Stump, Cart driver helped, as well as others all week. Thanks Guys!

Marna, "Don't touch my radios till I push'em across the line" Jefferys kept the contest running for the for the whole week. A big Thanks for her work and dedication.

Jack (LSF President) and Karen Strother, handled the LSF Booth, Awards Banquet, Timing, and what ever else needed to be done. Note the KOOL Multiplex hat...on Karen !!

Karen Strother with HER Multiplex Mini Milian and Cockpit Radio.



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