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    To:  LSF Executive Board
    I, __________________________________________ (please print full name)  will
    support the philosophies, concepts and criteria set forth in the Bylaws of 
    THE LEAGUE of SILENT FLIGHT and give notice herewith of my intention to become 
    an  ASPIRANT and attain Level 1 of the LSF Soaring Accomplishments Program, 
    and by so doing, earn full recognition and privilege of membership.
    AMA or FAI license Number ___________________ (Required)
                                  Signature: ____________________________________
    Mailing address: _________________________________________________
    City: ________________________  State: ____________  ZIP: _____________
    Country: ___________________________________
    E-mail address_____________________________

    Mail to:
    c/o AMA
    PO Box 3028,
    Muncie, IN 47302-1028

    Please include a check or Money Order (IMO accepted) for US$ 2 with your application.

    Upon LSF's receipt of this application, you will be granted Aspirant status and receive, by return mail, a Soaring Accomplishment voucher and instructions for proper completion of the Level 1 tasks and a copy of the Bylaws. When you have properly completed the tasks for Level 1, return the voucher to LSF, along with the standard $ 2 fee., at the address above.

    Upon acceptance by LSF of a correctly completed Level 1 voucher, you will become a full member of the League of Silent Flight. You will then be issued an LSF membership number, a membership card and your new Level 2 voucher.

    There are no membership fees or dues with LSF. However, all correspondence with LSF that concerns membership application and vouchers must be accompanied by at least US$ 2.00 to cover postage, printing, forms and envelopes. Please do not send cash or stamps. Send a check or Postal Money Order or International Money Order made out to LSF. The LSF is an honor system and your cooperation will assure prompt attention to your voucher submissions.


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