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      In a vane attempt to make an excuse for the  LSF Website being down, IN short I was Microsoft-ed . The Links have been cleaned up, to reflect our current Supporters, a few New Pages were added and the site more organized, to help with quicker updates. We have added an LSF Stuff Page, 2 new Nats Pages, Club Coordinator page, an LSF related Events page, and a couple of other improvements, without impacting the basic design of the site, compiled by the previous designer, who, did a wonderful job. The Last issue of Shortlines for 2000 is available, it has important news about the 2001 Nationals. Thanks for your understanding. 

      Jack Strother / Temp Web Hack 

    News Flash 

    Merry Christmas Happy New Year

    The proposed amendments to the LSF Bylaws were passed by member ballot and have been enacted by the Executive Committee. A copy of the Bylaws is available to any LSF member who sends a 55 cent stamped SASE to the LSF address. A PDF version is available here. You will need Acrobat reader that is available from http://www.adobe.com.


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