I can't go without mentioning another passion that I pursue with my computer and the Internet. My family genealogy. Our SIMS/SYMES line first stepped foot onto American soil, just 40 years after the founding of Jamestown. They were a hearty stock hailing from Somersetshire, England and had noted involvement in the English Civil War in the 1700's. The SYMES also have earlier family ties to the Royal lines of England, some of which go back as far as the 1400's. We have even uncovered descendancy from the nursery rhyme, "Little Jack Horner" about a real man that "pulled one over" on King Henry the VIII. (E-mail me if you want to know about that one.) Other lineages that I research are Kirkland & Kellum(five generations of Texans and early settlers of Waco, TX), McPeeters & Singleton (all of whom blazed the Western trails in covered wagons). Bradberry, O'Neill/O'Neal, Sellers, Bottoms, Vinson, and others, too numerous to list, all early pioneers and settlers of the deep south, including my GGG Grandmother, Tempy (Ellis) Frizell who was kidnapped by Creeks Indians in 1780 in the early days of Georgia.

I also produce The SIMS Newsletter. The SIMS Newsletter is an ONLINE newsletter, that currently has over 265+ subscribers, all researching the name SIMS in it's many spelling versions (Sims/Simms/Syms/Symms/Symes/ Symmes/Sems/Semms/Symns/Symmns/Sim/ Simm/Sym/Symm/,etc. )The URL Our subscribers hail from all over the world. address for the SIMS Site, home of my SIMS Newsletter can be found at the bottom of this page, as well as my personal e-mail address. If you are curious about your own family tree, I'm always happy to help people get started on their search for their own name and roots.

The URL address for The SIMS Site and the SIMS Newsletter is: