The Great  Caper

The following story was told to me by a dear, yet anonymous, friend. It's a charming little tale about the mischieviousness of youth.

I told S.H. I was hungry one day after school my freshman year, and he responded like a true friend. I followed S.H. to the snack vending machine in the student center, where he proceeded to beat and shake the machine until several racks of chips, candybars and moonpies fell down. After reaping what we didn't sow, S.H. decided that moonpies sucked and threw the whole rack (machine parts and all) in the trashcan. The next day we were surprised to see T.S. with a handful of moonpies walking down the hall. I asked T.S. why he had so many moonpies, knowing of our exploits the previous afternoon. He responded by saying, "Hey.... I like moonpies!"

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