This is another tale e-mailed to me from a close, yet far away, friend. He is the "I" in the story, and he is very trustworthy.

Holy, fuck...I just remembered another J.S. shit story. One day, during the seventh grade, we were playing hide-and-seek down at the creek by my house. It was me and J.S. vs. P.N. and S.S. J.S. told me to wait before we hid because he had to take a shit. S.S. and P.N. spotted us in mid-dump and P.N. proclaimed that he would tag J.S. J.S., being a quick thinker, finished out his dump and wiped his ass with a leaf as P.N. lumbered up the hill. S.S. and I watched as the event transpired. We both knew the escape genius of J.S. (neither of us had ever caught him during hide-and-seek). After finishing up with the dump, J.S. proceeded to pick up his own shit and throw it at P.N. (hitting him squarely in the chest). It left a dook streak across his shirt and stopped P.N. in his tracks (J.S. took off into the woods). S.S. and I both pissed in our pants from laughter (no kidding). P.N. went home teary-eyed and called his mom. J.S. got grounded for a week. This is no bullshit. I saw it happen.

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