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Here's the day by day summary of the Jim Sims trip to Japan: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11, Day 11+

Day 1 - Thursday, March 28, 1996

Texas Time (Japan Time)

6:00am Thu. (Thu. 9:00pm) Clock radio wakes me up
10:50am Thu. (Fri. 1:50am) Left DFW Airport (40 minutes late)
2:40pm Thu. (Fri. 5:00am) Arr. Portland (30 minutes late)
3:00pm Thu. (Fri. 6:00am) Left Portland (on time)
1:00am Fri. (Fri. 4:00pm) Arr. Nagoya Airport (45 minutes early)
1:20am Fri. (Fri. 4:20pm) Cleared Customs & Immigration
1:30am Fri (Fri 4:30pm) Spotted Dan driving into parking area, What a relief!
2:15am Fri. (Fri. 5:15pm) Arrived at Dan's Apt. after stopping at Circle K for groceries
6:00am Fri. (Fri. 9:00pm) Went to bed - after being up for 24 hours

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Day 2 - Saturday, March 30

Day 3 - Sunday, March 31

Day 4 - Monday, April 1

Day 5 - Tuesday, April 2

Day 6 - Wednesday, April 3

Day 7 - Thursday, April 4

Day 8 - Friday, April 5

Day 9 - Saturday, April 6

Day 10 - Sunday, April 7

Day 11 - Monday, April 8

Yes, I know that I'm not supposed to be posting an update today, but I don't leave Nagoya till 5:30pm. So, Dan and I goofed around with "clickable map images," which, if you are using the new Netscape 2.0, allow the user to click on selected portions of an image on the screen to go to the relevant image or page. So, if you have Netscape 2.0 or compatible, click on the city names on the map below to see the castle for that city. These are the castles I have seen on this trip.

Day 11+ - Monday, April 8 THE TRIP HOME

Texas Time (Japan Time)

5:00pm Sun. (Mon. 7:00am) Wake up time in Nagoya
3:25am Mon. (Mon. 5:25pm) Left Nagoya Airport (on time)
12:10pm Mon. (Tue. 2:10am) Arr. Portland (early)
2:55pm Mon. (Tue. 4:55am) Left Portland (on time)
6:20am Mon. (Tue. 8:20am) Arr. DFW Airport (on time) Mary waiting.
7:00pm Mon. (Tue. 9:00am) Arrived home
9:00pm Mon. (Tue. 11:00am) Went to bed - after being up for 28 hours

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