Animal Corner
and Wendy lost. Her leg just could not be set again
She is getting around alright, but that slow down
is a killer to her.
  The other dogs, Cassie, Panda, BD, Max, and
Wendy are normal. Meaning all their legs are
attached. B.D. decided that he would like to say hello to the coyotes that pass so he stuck his nose through the fence, but his coyotes were not playing, they wanted fresh meat. BD is now missing a chunk of his mouth! It is healing very well, but has he learned a lesson. So far he is keeping his nose away from the fence!
  Norma is doing well. Nearly or just passed five feat in length.
  Cynthia is getting the urge for a chow chow again. The closest Chow rescue Cynthia could find is in Lubbock, Texas. That is a road trip for us!
  No other animals have been added this year OR LOST! Guess the Foster Zoo is slowing down.