Zytron PIX from Robert.

For over 25 years, Robert Gregory served Zytron in several capacities but mainly as its Vice President of Production Systems. His contributions to this website are too many to place on one page, yet represent only a fraction of his contributions that helped make Zytron the predominate company in the computer services.



Pictures of Robert hizzself. Some in settings you may recognize, some you may not. (Six pictures)



Pictures of others at Zytron's headquarters. (There are 18 of these - may take a while to load.)


Production Systems

Pictures of Robert's "mostly-mobile" staff. (Eight pictures)



A selection of pictures from corporate, sales and management meetings along with other company outings. (Nine pictures)



Pictures from a few of Robert's many Operations Managers' and Management Training Meetings. (Eight Pictures)



. Candid shots of many of Zytron's field personnel. (Nine Pictures)

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