FreeWheel '98

Day Two, June 8, 1998

Mid-morning of day two found a group of us needing a break. Here, Mike, Dino and Dianna share the shade of a tree near a convenience store a few miles outside of Coleman, Oklahoma.


Meet three more (honorary) members of Team Roadhouse (or is that two more and an honorary mascot?). Tom, Yogi and Sylvia (a.k.a. "Sly") Brown. Tom is owner of Tom's River Trail Bicycles in Tulsa (plug, plug), a FreeWheel sponsor. Sylvia rides most of the time, but has been caught lending a hand when work backs up on the road. While Tom claims Yogi was only along for morale, we somehow doubt that. What you can't see in this picture is the chain-ring stain on the top of Yogi's head. It looks very similar to the one many riders sport on their right calf from time to time, and we accused Tom of making Yogi work on bottom brackets. Tom denies it to this day!


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