FreeWheel '98

Day Three, June 9, 1998


Your's truly sporting the official FreeWheel '98 tattoo. (It's temporary, Mom, and no, I don't have any pierced body parts!) The tattoo didn't last too long, however, as my sweatband rubbed most of it off early in the ride the next morning.


Kudos to the citizens of Wewoka, Oklahoma! The day after being struck by multiple tornado's, they were not only ready for 1,500 visiting FreeWheel riders and support personnel, they had devised and distributed an evacuation plan for that evening (should more severe weather arise). The picture here gives you some idea of how probable that was. What you can't see is the horizon-to-horizon double-rainbow which made it's appearance about 15 minutes earlier. Unfortunately, at the time, I was squeezed between a bag of camping gear, an ice chest and two other riders on a beer run when it made it's appearance. By the time we got back to the site and I secured my camera, only a hint of the second rainbow remained.

Later that evening, we were treated to a wonderful lightning display while many of the riders were gathered in the stadium for the evening briefing. I think it says something about cyclists that the lightning display was greeted with as many "oooh's and ahha's" and applause as any fireworks display I have ever witnessed!

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