FreeWheel '98

Day Four, June 10, 1998

While it may look like Mike is being ousted from Team Roadhouse for his "Lazy Guy" T-shirt, that's not the case. Roadhouse regulars are joined by ad-hoc members (left-to-right), Barry Lee, his nephew and daughter, Mandy in discussing Wednesday's route out of Wewoka.


While day four was little or no problem for most of the riders, it took it's toll on support personnel. Here's Tom & Sylvia's "first mate" (and the Team Roadhouse mascot), YOGI is taking a well-earned break at our campsite in Bristow. The photo was appropriately-named "Dog Tired" by the photographer, Sylvia. I have it on good authority that this photo has also become the "wallpaper" on Tom & Sylvia's home computer. Unless I miss my guess, you can probably stop in at Tom's shop any ol' time and get a peak at a better "hardcopy" by asking Tom if he has any pictures of "the kids"! ;-)


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