FreeWheel '98

Day Seven, June 13, 1998

Our last day began with a hearty breakfast in the parking lot of the Dewey Fire Department. Left to right, Dianna, Mike, Ad-hoc member, Sue Ahrend of Tulsa, Stacey (sorry, Stace, for the back-of-the-hed shot) and a couple of Dewey volunteers.



Mid-morning found us crossing a low-water bridge where we stopped to cool our feet before the next series of hills.


Evidence of the teams crossing of the Oklahoma-Kansas border is offered here. Left to right, Dino, ad-hoc member Stacey DeAmicis, Mike, Dianna and yours truly.


A tradition began last year, when I was a rookie, continues. (FreeWheel) rookie, Mike is presented with a (good) cigar at the state line and is required to smoke it to our finish in Coffeyville, Kansas, about four miles away.


The complement to our Day One, "before" picture. Team Roadhouse regulars are joined by Stacey in our "after" picture, proving that we completed the ride, safe and sound.


Day 5 (2 pictures)

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