Day Two, July 20, 1998

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About 15 miles before the end of day two's ride, a group of us "Streakers" ran across this "oasis". Between the towns, which set up beer gardens and other food, beverage and entertainment for the riders, farmers will set up diversions for the riders, near their house or in their fields. These could be anything from a lemonade or homemade ice cream stand in their front yards to a set up such as this.


At the top of a hill, a farmer had plowed under about 10 acres. By the entrance to the field was cold, running water. In the 10 acres were about 20 KYBO's (out-houses for the un-initiated), two beer trucks, a bus with a LOUD stereo (and performers to the music) as well as two free-standing tent tops for shade, covering about 1,000 square feet and 20 picnic tables. Here Streakers Brian and Kevin share a cool one and some shade while listening to the "Blues Brothers" doing "I'm a Soul Man".

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