Day Six, July 24, 1998

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Here, Brian demonstrates another RAGBRAI tradition, beer-bonging. (The phrase and picture should be adequate description.) Team member Mike Biermann looks on with obvious

  1. Envy?
  2. Admiration?
  3. Evaluation of technique?
  4. Disgust?

You decide!

Although this day may not be my most memorable ride, it was the BEST ride of my life to date. First, the weather was perfect; winds were calm and usually at my back. Mostly sunny, but just enough cloud cover to keep one from getting F-R-I-E-D. Second, through many stops on this day, I seemed to "hook-up" with a different riding group each time. (Six days in to RAGBRAI and I'm finally feeling comfortable about knowing many of my new team mates' names!)


Shortly after lunch, a group of us took a diversion north of Quasqueton, Iowa to tour the only house in Iowa designed and built by Frank Loyd Wright. Although the official mileage for the day was 92 miles, with this little side trip and a trip to the convenience store to stock up on batteries and sports drink for the following day, I ended up logging 105 miles my first CENTURY!



Towards the end of the day's official ride, I came upon fellow "Streakers", Huck and Randy. They didn't seem to mind my stereo, so I was allowed to accompany them on the last 10 miles in to Monticello, Iowa. Earlier in the day, Huck had completed his 12,000th official RAGBRAI mile and it was truly an honor to complete the day's ride with these two famous (infamous?) RAGBRAI veterans.

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