Day Seven, July 25, 1998

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It took six days of RAGBRAI to get me in to the spirit, and on day seven, I donned this costume (loaned to me by team mate, Keith Leslie) to begin the last day's ride. Alas, the outfit was too sheer and too hot for riding. Besides, as I was informed, the team's uniform of the day, (black riding shorts & yellow team T-shirts) is a near-requirement on the last day as the whole team is expected to gather about 5 miles from the finish and ride in together in a double pace line, led by Huck and Dino.


Thanks to my team sponsor, Dino, for taking time out at a very busy time to record this moment. While I missed the traditional dip-of-the-back-wheel in the Missouri River at the start of RAGBRAI XXVI, Dean made sure I finished with the traditional dip-of-the-front-wheel in the Mississippi River at the end of the ride.

My special thanks to all that made this, and my other rides of 1998 possible. Dean Dotts for inviting me, convincing his father to drive our support vehicle, and providing hints for survival as a member of 15,000 cyclists visiting towns with populations of 300 or less. Dianna Fain for consultation on what to buy/take on extended cycling trips. Bob Dotts for spending a week looking after five crazy cyclists roaming through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. All of the Dotts in Des Moines for their hospitality during our lay-over in that town as well as the fresh, sweet corn with which we returned to Texas. Cheryl Dotts for sharing her husband and son for a week. Ryan Fain for providing me with a TRUSTY STEED and keeping it well-maintained all year. Brian Dotts and Carrie Richardson for their antics that kept us all in stitches on the way to RAGBRAI, even when the going wasn't that easy. And finally, to all of my friends, relatives and business associates that humored me during the planning, execution and review of all of these rides.

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