Day Six, July 16, 1998

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With an early start on day 6 from Hiawatha, Kansas, we entered Nebraska well before noon. With a wide, straight road, it was time to break out the cameras while we rode for a few action pictures.


Dino begins the action shots with a candid shot of other, unsuspecting riders..

Brian demonstrating a technique used by Tour De France riders to relieve themselves during particularly long stages.

Another, less-obscene, but more-illegal technique. When drafting isn't enough, grab the belt of the other rider's fanny pack and you can stop pedaling altogether!

Reaching Falls City, Nebraska, the riders may have felt they were on top of the world, but it was only an old Sherman Tank in the city park on US Highway 73/150.

Crossing the Missouri River early in the afternoon brought us to our third state of the day, Missouri.

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