Day One, July 25, 1999

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Our Saturday night campsite was on an Island on the Rock River, with this train bridge spanning the river a few feet away. While many motor homes scraped their AC units on this railroad overpass Saturday evening, the driver of this team truck wins the prize. As you can see, he tried to drive under the bridge fast enough to get stuck completely under the bridge. When he tried to back up, it tore the sides off of the truck!


The Hartley Volunteer Fire Department set up this standard training exercise for our entertainment. A barrel is suspended along a line stretched between two pumper trucks. Each truck then turns on its high pressure nozzle and tries to push the barrel towards the other truck. We're not sure if they planned it this way, but by mid-morning riders UNDER were stationing themselves UNDER the barrel, to get wet in the heat & humidity. Also note in the foreground, the rider in the yellow jersey filling his water bottle from a leak in the pumper hose.


We caught up with Huck towards the end of the first day's ride, at a beer garden set up just outside of Montea. Huck's not really a two-fisted drinker, he just posed for this picture for me, holding a beer in a mug from my employer, Systemware. This, and several other pictures of RAGBRAIers enjoying "liquid libations" in Systemware mugs went over well at work upon my return.


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