Tom's New House - Entry


The view from the foot of the stairs. All bedrooms (3) and full baths (2) are upstairs. Part of the front door can be seen in the bottom-left corner. The door to in the center is the entry closet. There is crawlspace (called by my friend, Dino, "A Hidie-Hole" underneath the stairs. The one bath downstairs (1/2 bath) is to the right of the photo. The picture above the entry closet is cusin' Ruth's prize-winning photo. Thanks to Ruth and Mom for that gift, photo, frame & all! Blanket, cow's skull and pot were locally-purchased, with the help of my bike riding bud, Dianna Fain. Dianna has been a great help selecting many of the decorations for my new "digs".


This is the view above the living room from the front entrance. Pass-through from the kitchen to the living room can be seen in the bottom of the picture. Blanket, pot and "sticks" in pot purchased locally. Harvest basket procured by Dianna on a recent "excursion" to Phoenix. It doesn't show up in the picture, but below the harvest basket is a large piece of petrified wood; a "find" made by me when I was 14 years old on Aunt Lois & Uncle Frank's farm in KANSAS (of all places to find petrified wood!).

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