Tom's New House - Guests

My Son, Doug doing some "Serious Chillin'" on his first visit AFTER the closing - when we finally gained access to the INSIDE of the house.


Doug's favorite "son" (and my only grandson), Sparkie's version of "Chillin' at Tom's".


Meet my renowned bike mechanic, Ryan Fain. Although officially retired as a bike mechanic (to accept a position where he can add "pro stock fabricator" to his resume) Ryan still "consults" on the bike problems I develop from time to time. With a busy schedule and living 23 miles away, Ryan's visits are somewhat rare; usually on the weekend to cook some steaks or 'burgers outdoors. The nature of the above visit in August of '99 was, for me, somewhat more grim. Yours truly had just committed the classic cyclist's screw-up; trying to park my car in the garage with (the pictured) bike mounted on the roof rack! No apparent damage to the house, but the jury is still out on the car, bike and roof rack. (And yes, the insurance adjusters are getting a good laugh out of my story.)


With the cooler weather in September of '99, and the Rangers heating up for the playoffs, my x-in-laws (Outlaws?) Made a trip down for a Ranger game and a little outdoor cookin', Texas-Style. Here is Bruce LeRoy, sporting the necessities for preparation of the aforementioned traditional meal:

  1. New Braunfels Grill/Smoker (background)
  2. Leather gloves and over-sized utensils (on grill's shelf)
  3. Gaudy apron espousing the virtues of Barbecue and Beer
  4. Beer (forgive Bruce, please, he's from Oklahoma and we are still trying to teach him the virtues of the "long neck"!)


For those of you that know Raylene LeRoy, you know this picture is out of character for her, but we appreciated her joining in to the "Texas State of Mind" for the sake of the picture. (Thanks, Raylene - we all know that YOU "made" the meal and the weekend. Everyone knows to Rednecks like Bruce and I could never do it all ourselves!)


My Mom keeps saying I don't post enough pictures of me, so here you go, Mom! Anyone believe I traded my long-neck beer in for a SODA for this picture? Yeah, I know - the head needs a little work .... mine, not the drink's.


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