Tres Hombres

Six days, three bachelors South of the Border - what happens? Just what you would expect.

We dress in our finest wardrobes ...


.. greet our guests with gusto ...


.. maintain the condo clean as a pin ...


.. and insure that we get the proper rest.


Of course, there are social outings. Up the coast a few miles from Bucerias is the village of La Cruz. Thursday evening found us celebrating my birthday with locals (a few) and other visitors, (tre mui mucho), in the upstairs portion of the La Cruz Cruise Crews Club. Most of the other visitors were the owners and crew members of the sail boats in the harbor, most from the West Coast of the United States and Canada. We enjoyed the worst and most irreverent "folk rock" music to be found for thousands of miles by a band of middle-aged hippies. The grafitti is encouraged. It's the names of the boats and crewmembers along with the dates of their visits.


Of course, we had our quiet moments, like here, Buddy relaxing under the palapa enjoying the view of the beach.


Darryl joins us shortly before sunset.

And Buddy contemplates the completion of another perfect day - as he anticipates the coming night.

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