Local Color in Puerto Vallarta

Without a phone, Buddy makes a trek every day or so into Puerto Vallarta to check his email at a .com café. This is a view down the street from the outside of this ice cream, booze and PC café.


This is the street entry to the infamous "Burros Bar", just off of the town square in Puerto Vallarta. The "back side" of the bar fronts on the beach, and the bar has no walls - It's one giant palapa! On any lay-overs in P.V. on the way to Yelapa, a visit to the Burros Bar is mandatory. Here's Buddy entering without a care, but is Darryl checking to see if we are being observed? Or is he just checking out some of the "local color"? The Burros Bar is a must stop in P.V. As a matter of fact, it is one of the waiters here that gave Buddy his South-of-the-Border name. If you are fortunate enough to address Buddy in this region, call him Compa - short for Compadre, Spanish for "pal" or "Buddy". As with most of our stops, Compa is on a first-name basis with the owners, management and employees.

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