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Manuel Balbona Ph. D. - Clinical Psychology

Barbara Brown - Technical Manager, Texas Instruments Inc. Defense Systems

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In our spare time .....

This year's (actually this decade's) big event was our vacation cruise to Alaska. We traveled at the end of the season, the first week in September. The scenery was awesome and although everyone seemed to be doing Alaska this year, there are a real feeling of peace, isolation, and extreme natural beauty.

Manuel on deck


To be honest - I have no idea where this is - everything looked like this most of the time. Manuel did get tired of the almost constant overcast. This area is a temperate rainforest with over 100 inches of rain per year.
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Pet Pic of the Month:


This is Becket and his friend Blacktop. When ever they get a chance they curl up for a nap together. Becket even tries to play with Blacktop and although he can't fetch, he can bat a ball back to Becket, if he is in the mood.


Upcoming events:

Well it is time to go back to work after a really nice holiday. Next week I head to California for a couple days in San Jose. Manuel leaves the following week for New Orleans. He has a conference there and will get a chance to see Armano in addition to earning continuing education units. The only other plans for January (that I know of so far) is collecting information for the IRS. It takes about two months to find and organize everything - especially since we both try to avoid it as long as possible.



Interesting sites: click on the hypertext (blue) to travel to these sites. Let me know if any of these don't work as I have not checked them out for awhile. Let me know about your favorite links and I will add them.


Sierra Club - just what it seems
The Discovery Channel - here are program reviews, papers, lots of pictures - a really well done site
Information on Central Europe this is an unusual site - up to the minute news from behind the old iron curtain
Updated weather information
Updates on our congress at work (and play)
IRS forms and information
The Well - one of the original sites of those who are planning the future
Electronic Frontier - also an early site, liberal, anti-establishment
Electronic postcards - one of my all time favorites, lets you select a "postcard" and send a message a mail message to someone. They will receive a notice that they have mail and can log into the site to see the card and your note.
Mother Jones - alternative view of the world newspaper - requires registration, but it is free.
Government Information Services
Pet Information - lots of good tips for care, breeding and training
The Sky is a magazine on stars and astronomy
Maps for cities from all over the country you can probably even find your house on a map here.




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