Happy Birthday, Cutie

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Birthday Number 13

Enjoy Yourself, Darling

This is the Lauren Lehua Mahanay Honorary Web Site dedicated to the sweetest little girl to ever have stolen T Pat's heart.  Miss Lauren is one of the loves of T.P.'s  life and he hopes, as always, that she has a wonderful birthday this year

Miss Lauren's date of birth, March 31, 1986

Love, T. Pat

And wonderful best birthday wishes from the Routts' Molly, Brenda, and Tom and from the Gaines' Dee and Billy, from Misty Stone and from bunny rabbit Charlie and puppies Sasha and Gigi, wherever their little hearts may be

Now, to continue to the main portion of Lauren's Honorary Web Page, which is still under construction and constantly being improved, please click on Lauren's Ice Cream Party hat and you will be admitted to some of the happiest memories of T. Pat's life with Miss Lauren.  They commemorate the first ten years of her joy-giving life through photos, her great artwork, awards and events memorialized by her former stepdad and biggest fan, Terrill Patton Gaines.

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First Birthday Ice Cream Celebration

March 31, 1987

Lovingly submitted by  rainct01.gif (1180 bytes) T. Pat at nexusvii@airmail.net

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