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"Girls, it doesn't get much better than this."

Countess Dracula 

I've Been HYPnotized

Lauren with Daddy

Mommy Being Stalked by Charlie 

Peekaboo or Wake Up

Bath Time

Lauren and Aerobicise

Lauren, the Rings and Anbusol

My House is a very very very fine house

Lauren's Birthday Announced in the Newspaper

The Simpsons

Mystery Science Theater 3K

Miss Molly Rout

Lauren dis "J'adore Paris."

Lauren's Christmas Dress

Lauren's Silly Talk

Lauren's Favorite Baby

Lauren Loved the Taj Mahal

Lauren's Merit Awards  from Dan D. Rogers

"My tooth hurts, T Pat"

"Okay, we are in a big hurry so if you and Mommy will just..."

Lauren loved being bounced on the knee while unleashing a cute little groan from the back of her throat

Lauren and the assisted war whoop




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