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Tim and Brother David
At Work In Their Shop

The Woodworker's Creed : "Success in the end eclipses mistakes made along the way!"

Yes, I am the REAL Tim Allen and I too am a woodworker along with my brother David. (I asked him if he would be willing to change his name to Al, but he wouldn't do it) This page represents some of the work that we have done in the short time that we have been involved in woodworking. In 1994 my wife and I decided it was time to buy a house. We moved from a 1 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house with 2 living room areas. Needless to say we did not have nearly enough furniture to fill the house and started looking around the stores to see what we needed. In every store we saw the furniture was either shoddily made junk or outrageously expensive. Right then and there I decided to start acquiring tools and building furniture instead of buying it. The previous owner of the house had left an old set of cabinets in the garage that I fitted with a 2x12 top to make a work bench. I talked my brother into helping me and we began our furniture making in the summer of 1994. Our first project was the picnic table you will see on the projects page. For this all we had was a skill saw and a couple of hammers. Our first major tool purchase was a radial arm saw which we mounted in the middle of the workbench. The buffet on the project page was made with the aforementioned skill saw and the radial arm. We had to go out next and buy a router to put the finishing touches on the top of the buffet. As time has passed we have added a table saw, drill press, band saw, scroll saw, planer, jointer and sanding station to our major tools as well as drills, various sanders, biscuit joiners and a couple more routers. All of the major tools are benchtop versions mounted on rolling cabinets.We also have a dust collection system that will hook up to any two of the tools at the same time. The garage is my shop and when I first started buying tools my wife only put one restriction on us. At the end of the day both cars have to go into the garage. This helps us keep the shop clean and well organized. This page is just something that I put together to show off the projects my brother and I have done. Some of them are from plans that we found in various books and magazines, but several of them are custom designed to go into either my house or his. Take a look at the project page and see what you think of our work. I have also provided links to a lot of pages that I find useful in finding the tools and materials that we need to complete our projects. I hope you will find something useful somewhere on the page. Please e-mail me with any additional links that you know about or just to comment on our work.

The Project Page

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