"Quake is dead, long live Quake 2!"

03/16/98: Cool! more good news, id has annoucned Quake 3! Using the trinity graphic engine, Quake 3 will be the coolest looking game ever. Man thats just gonna rock.
01/03/98: QUAKE 2 deathmatch is INSANE! Mr. Mojo and Fusion have
already taken the net by storm, we OWN servers now.
01/01/98: Until further notice, Clan Flawed is QUAKE 2 only. I can't even
stand to look at QUAKE anymore (sorry but its true). Oh yeah, Happy new holidays and such.
12/10/97: QUAKE 2 #?&!@ ROCKS! Official Clan Flawed lan party on saturday!
11/9/97: To all people with a Network at the office, we rule!
9/14/97: WTF! Does a low ping time not mean anything anymore? The
Pictures speak for themselves.
9/13/97: Did anyone see Generation X #32 ? Jubilee was all "Thanks
anyway Paige... but I'll stick with Quake." She is cool!
9/9/97: Congrats to Fusion_Death on his new system, he can no longer
blame his p90 when he gets stomped in quake now.
9/8/97: As of today, all members have a computer AND Quake!
We are very excited about this totally unexpected event!
9/6/97: Grand opening of the Flawed! home page. The Quake community
opens its heart to those nutty Flawed! Quakers.
5/23/95: Way ahead of any one else Mr. Mojo founds Clan Flawed! in
preparation of the upcoming ID classic QUAKE.
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