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I have collected a few links to some great shareware. Just click on the buttons below.

Web Browsers E-Mail Newsreaders Editors
FTP IRC Archivers Virus
Servers Time Sync Dial up Graphics


If you don't see what you want or don't like what you see, then try these links to some shareware super sites.

Randys No Nags Tucows
Strouds Slaughterhouse


Search Engines

If you know what you want but don't know where it is then try these.

Search pages on the web.
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I run both Web and FTP servers on my PC, but I have a Dial-up account with my ISP. This means that my IP address changes every time I disconnect. I use a program called DynamoDNS to update this page with my current IP. If I'm online then you can connect to either server by clicking the buttons.


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