Seek ye first the kingdom of God

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     God began several years ago teaching me to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, then everything else in life would be added unto me( Matt. 6:33 ).  Jesus says in Matthew 5:3,    " Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." That is the humble, the kingdom of God is for the humble.  Those who walk in submission to God's word as His Spirit leads.  His Spirit, the Holy Spirit will always lead you to be like Jesus.  Romans 8:29  says, " For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His son,....".  

     One of the first things that the Holy Spirit  began to do and still does is lead me to be a " house of prayer".  As stated in Matt. 21:13, " And ( Jesus ) said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves".  In John 2:16, Jesus says not to make His father's house a house of merchandise. 1 Cor.3:16 and Heb.3:6 tells us that if  we're in Christ and the Holy Spirit dwells in us then we're the house of God and we're His temple.  Our purpose should not be to just be concerned with buying and selling and making money.  We are to rely on, trust in the power of God to meet our needs and not our own skills, ability, or our education.  It is through the gospel that God meets our needs.  The gospel is the power of God  to salvation( Romans 1:16 ). That's not only to save us from hell, but to deliver us from all things and to deliver us into His kingdom.  

     If we're working solely for money, we'll never have enough, at least I never did. I find myself mad at my employers for what I thought was unfair treatment. I never thought they paid me enough, and I always thought that they expected too much for the wages I was earning.  Therefore I was always dissatisified with every job I had.  Then Jesus begin to lead me to obey Him. He begin to teach me not to work for money but out of obedience to Him.  Then to trust Him to meet my needs instead of my job.  In time I began not to care how much I worked or how hard, with or without a raise.  I work, and pray and know that He will always meet ALL my needs.  Before 1992 I don't know if I was ever able to pay a bill on time, since then, I've never been late, not once.  Jesus always provides.  The same way that God multiplied the fishes and loaves to feed the five thousand, he has at times supernaturally multiplied our finances.  People that know us personally marvel at what we have done and do on the income that we take in. For the most part they don't want to hear that its God.  When Jesus fed the five thousand, the apostles told Him to send the multitudes away so they could buy food.  Jesus told them to feed the multitudes themselves, they said it would take two hundred denarii.  They saw money as the only way to meet the need.  Jesus looked to heaven, He looked to the Father. He is our example, that's what we're to do.  We can't do anything without prayer. That's why over and over in scripture we are told to pray always, pray without ceasing, etc. That's why we must become a house of prayer.  

     In Luke 17:21 , Jesus says that the kingdom of God is within you.  We should all want the fullness of the kingdom. We should long to see His power manifested in our life.  I've heard lots of preaching on the fullness of God, but little about the emptiness of self.  Before the fullness of the kingdom can be manifested in our life we must be emptied of ourselves, we must put off the old man.   In Acts 14:22 Paul makes this statement, ".. that we must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God.".  For the most part  the tribulation comes with the pulling down of strongholds and false doctrines that have us bound. As we begin to seek first the kingdom, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us, Satan comes to attack.  He will pressure you from every side, anything to get you off the path.  Matt. 7:14 states ,"Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.".  The word " narrow " in the greek means great tribulation.  Tribulation is pressure, pressure from the enemy when we obey God.

     God called Jesus a rock. He made Him hard against suffering, against pressure. God by His Spirit will conform us to be like Jesus. He will harden us.   Not that we want to feel pain or pressure, but that when pressure comes we will be hard as a rock and not change our form. We will not be moved, for God is able to make us stand.

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