Ministering Spirits

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     In Hebrews 1, God calls His angels ministering spirits sent to minister to them who shall be heirs of salvation.  In chapter 13 verse 2 we're told to " Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."  By this verse we can see that angels can be no differant than man in appearance.  In Psalm 91 God promises to give His angels charge over us, to keep us in all our ways.

     In early May of 1999 I closed my shop at lunch time to make a quick run to Ft. Worth for some supplies.  I put my checkbook in the back pocket of my jeans, locked up the shop and headed out.  I hadn't gone but just a little bit when I pulled my checkbook out of the back pocket and placed it on the passenger seat beside me.  My first stop was a quick run into the mall.  It had been a nice day with temperatures in the 80's and I had driven in with the windows down. I knew that I wouldn't be long in the mall so I just got out of the car and left the windows down. I wasn't inside for much more than 5 minutes.  As I was walking back across the parking lot I realized that I had left my checkbook on the car seat.  When I reached the car and looked inside there was no checkbook.  With it sitting out in the open and the windows down it was easy pickings for someone.  I went on to the one supplier I was going to and I told him that I needed a couple of things but my checkbook had been stolen.  He agreed to let me pay later, and then he and a couple other employees proceeded to all share their stories of someone that they knew who had their checkbook stolen and how they where cleaned out in a matter of minutes.  I noticed all my life that you can hear countless stories of defeat, but where are the stories of victory.  Apart from the delivering power of God, there are none.  You're hearing one now!!!

     Once I left this store I headed back to Weatherford.  I cont'd praying and giving thanks to the father. As I pulled into my shop drive from the rear of the building my wife pulled in from the front.  There was a customer parked beside the front door. As I went to open the door he was beside me commenting how he saw I was locked up and was just about to leave.  I explained as we were stepping inside that I went to Ft. Worth and probally wouldn't be back yet if it hadn't been for my checkbook being stolen. By now I had walked around the counter, my wife had come in and walked over to the side, this customer was standing with his wife across from me.  As we were talking someone opened the front door and took one step inside and threw something at me. It was my checkbook.  I stood there for a split second in utter amazement, speechless.  I tried to get some words of thanks out, and so did my wife but this person came in and left so quickly.  As the door closed  my wife was right behind him with me following and then this customer with his wife.  As we all stepped outside we looked the for the person delivering my checkbook. He had disappeared instantly.  We could see for a distance  in every direction, nothing. No cars around.  Nothing. My customer looked at me and said " Where'd he go" I said I don't know but he's gone.  Then this puzzled looking guy told his wife and myself       " yeah, and we're gone too! "  I just thanked God all my checks where there, nothing missing.

More stories of victory coming soon!!!!