testimony 2

God's Love,part 2

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     In 1982 Rosemary and I where living in Ft. Collins, Colo. I was trying to earn a living shoeing horses, she was working for a temporary help company. We had one vehicle, no money, and things were pretty tough. One day I found a bible and I read enough to find the parable of the unrighteous judge and the widow( Luke 18:1-8 ).  I read how she troubled the judge so much he gave her what she wanted just to quiet her. I remembered a saying my dad always said," the squeaky wheel gets the grease.".  I decided that I would come before God day and night and cry out until He would give me my request. With pen and paper in hand I wrote down six things that I figured if I had in a job, then I'd be totally content.  They were to live in Wyoming, be in the mountains, work horseback, not have a boss breathing down my neck, have weekends off, and to have 3 months off in the winter escape the cold and visit relatives. Anyone in there right mind would tell you that this was the most ridiculous wish list ever thought up. I was convinced that God would give me this request. Night and day I would walk the streets of Ft. Collins crying out to God. I had to walk since  I couldn't afford to drive. The days turned into weeks, I'd walk for hours to what seemed to be to no avail. After a couple of months I ran an ad in a livestock magazine under the job wanted section. I finally got a call. We ended up in the sweet grass hills of Montana where I spent far more time driving a tractor than sitting on a horse.  We  worked six or more days a week, and winter was the most critical time of the year to be there.                                                                                                                                                                              Less than a year later I quit that job, and went to work on a ranch in Daniel, Wyoming.  Three months later as I sat  on a hill watching the cattle graze, I opened my wallet and found this little wrinkled up piece of paper.  When I opened it up I found my requests.  Each and every one God had answered.  I was in Wyoming in the mountains, horseback, no boss within a hundred miles. I could take weekends off, and since this ranch only ran yearlings, they where shipped out in November, and new ones didn't arrive until April. I would be layed off three months every winter.  Not only did I know that God had for sure given me my request, I realized that if I had not gone to Montana first, where I worked with a man who gave me a college education on cows, I wouldn't have been qualified to do the very job I dreamed of.  Again God was dealing with my heart, showing me that He loved me. That day as I read that paper a change  took place in my heart. I had the job that I thought I wanted, but again I was becoming discontent, but couldn't yet say " thy will be done".

     There where many times over the next few years that God would move and do things, even little things to prove his love to me. There was one time  in1984 I was needing a new rope horse.  I found a nice ranch gelding, a reg. quarter horse for sale. A friend and I went and looked at him on a Thursday afternoon. They wanted fifteen hundred dollars for him. In those days a dollar bill looked as big as a saddle blanket, and fifteen hundred might as well as been a million.  When we left, my friend asked if I thought I'd buy the horse. He knew I didn't have the money but he was just trying to be nice.  I went home and again I went for a long walk. I walked and talked to God, asking  Him to give me this horse.  On Sunday my friend called and said that if I wasn't going to buy the horse, he was.  Without thinking or realizing what I was saying I told him wait until tomorrow afternoon.  The next day when the mail came there was a check for fifteen hundred dollars exactly.  Two years prior Rosemary and I had cleaned up a building that my dad was going to sell. He told us when it sold he'd give us a few dollars.  When I showed up at my friends with my new horse he was sure suprised. I know he wondered where did I ever get the money. I didn't have the courage to tell him  from God.  I thank God always for His mercy and His ever enduring love.