God Delivers

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     In November of 1986 I made a down payment on a ranch outside of Deaver, Wyoming which is a small town in the northern part of the state. God sent three people to warn me not to buy this place but I didn't listen.  I'd wanted a ranch of my own all my life. We were living in Washington state at this time, and continued living there until March 15,1987. We left eastern Washington with a pickup pulling a trailer loaded to the gills, following a semi-truck that was loaded with our sheep and a couple of horses. It was two o'clock in the afternoon when we left, the tempature was 75 degrees, the sun was out.  It was a beautiful day.  We arrived in Deaver the next morning, exausted, at 6 am. It was10 degrees below zero, snowing, and the wind was blowing 50 mph. We quickly unloaded the semi, and as he was driving away my wife began to cry. I looked around and thought to myself ,"you fool, what have you done". I knew I'd goofed. I'd like to tell you that that was the worst of it and in time things got better, but they didn't.

     The house or more  properly called,"the shack" was built in 1917. Someone over the years had wired it for electricity, and even put in a bathroom on what  may have been a back porch. There was only a wood stove for heat . I remember the first night we were there we ran out of firewood at 3 o'clock in the morning.  It was about zero outside and I was cutting up any thing I could find with the chainsaw while my wife held the flash light.  We finally did get better organized and slowly begin to make progress cleaning things up and building corrals, etc.

     I went back to shoeing a few horses and doing what ever jobs I could come up with to keep from starving. That fall I got on at the local sugar beet factory. It was about the only job available within 50 miles. The job only would last about 6-7 months a year, but  that was better than nothing. We sold our lambs  that fall and made a pretty good profit. We were able to make all our bank payments and things were looking up. I thought if I had a couple hundred more ewes raising more lambs we'd have it made.  I went to the bank borrowed about 20,000 more dollars then went and bought more sheep.   We also leased some rams and more pasture. I was all ready to reap a nice lamb crop, and more importantly a nice check. What I didn't count on was about 60% of our herd getting Chlamydia, a disease that causes them to abort 3 weeks before birth.  After two falls of making our ranch and other loan payments, now we could barely pay just the interest.  The next year we traded some ewes off for others, we vaccinated against Chlamydia, and a few other things so we could be assured of a good lamb crop.  We were having twins born left and right, everything was looking good. Then one afternoon the wind shifted directions and started blowing out of the north. The temperature dropped 40 degrees in about 4 hours. After that it started getting downright cold. We lambed in three sided sheds. There was no way to heat them except with heat lamps to hang over the newborns. It seemed that during that afternoon and night every remaining ewe we owned decided to lamb. At 2 o'clock in the morning the temperature, not counting the wind chill factor was - 45 degrees. It was then that the electricity went out.  We had so many ewes lambing in the barn that everything else had to be put outside. The lambs were so cold they began to pile up, lying on upon another. The lambs on the bottom smothered. We'd bust them up, but as soon as you turned your back they'd pile up again.  The weather stayed bad for almost a week. We were without electricity for two or three days and it never got warmer than -10 even in the day time. When the storm cleared and the lambing was finished we lost about half of our lamb crop. That with cont'd falling market prices put us in a position that looked financially hopeless. We couldn't make any type of payment for the next two years.  I had our banker tell me that he'd never met a man that worked so hard for nothing.  In January of 1992 the bank gave me an ultimatum; pay your note off in full or they would repossess in thirty days

     Two years prior to this I had come to a place in my life where I was willing to lay down everything I knew, and let God by His Holy Spirit teach me as He promised in His word that He'd do. God told me that He'd pour out His Spirit on me and make His words known to me, (Proverbs 1:23 ). I'd spent countless hours reading and studying God's word over the past two years,  God had by now more than proven His love to me. I'd experienced several sure enough miracles in my life, yet I couldn't quite understand why everything had gone wrong . ( what I've written here is only a small part of the trouble we faced over a 5 year period.). There had been two occasions  the year before where we had a couple other business dealings that couldn't go wrong, yet they both did. If God would have let either one of them work we'd  have made enough money to square things up with the bank. I had supernaturally been continually over looked for a fulltime position with a large pay increase at the sugar factory where I'd now worked for 5 years. If I could of gotten on there I could have possibly worked out some payment plan with the bank.  Nothing I could do myself worked, I couldn't save myself. I didn't know why God hadn't intervened yet.

     A couple days after the bankers payed me a visit, I was on my face praying to God about midnight. That was the night that the Lord Jesus Himself visited me. He told me to fear not, that He'd deliver me.  From that day forward I never had a moment of  fear, worry or doubt. When Jesus tells you something, and visits you the way He did me it changes you, and He changed me forever.  People all over where saying  those poor ole Green's losing everything they've got. They'd see me and I'd smile like I had a million dollars in my pocket, 'cause what I had was worth more.

     Three days after Jesus visited  me I had a knock on my door one evening. It was a realtor from Billings, Mt. He said that he was just passing by and that he was looking for a small ranch in this area and did I know of any for sale.  I thought that I knew this was God. All the places around and he picks mine.  I told him that I might consider selling, I didn't want to sound too anxious.  We talked a little about money then he said he'd be back in a couple of days with a buyer.  I danced all night I was so happy. Two days later the realtor shows upand shows the place. He leaves telling me he'd contact me later.  The next evening here he comes carrying a contract. I'm thinking isn't God wonderful. He walks up and the contract he hands me is my own. He informed me that after checking  land prices in our area that I was way overpriced and that he couldn't sell  the ranch unless we came way down. I informed him that the price I quoted him was the exact figure we owed the bank, so I couldn't sell for any less. He then left and I felt my heart begin to sink. Then I remembered the words of Jesus, "fear not, I"ll deliver you". I realized then that this had all been a scheme of the devil to try to steal my faith, to discourage me, to cause me to doubt.  It took a couple minutes to overcome this, then I purposed next time to be a little more alert.  Finally, the dead line was only a couple days off  and it looked like  foreclosure was inevitable. I  had to keep believing Jesus, after all, what did I have to lose. My dad called me and told me to try and get the bank  to do a deed-in-lieu. I'd never heard of such a thing, but I went  to talk to the bankers anyway. When it was all over with, the bank agreed to cancel all my debts and give me a good credit report and  in exchange I would deed the property over to them and vacate within 30 days. The lawyer that read over the agreement for me said he couldn't believe that a bank ever agreed to such terms.  He told me to sign quickly.  We did and then we sold our sheep, truck, trailer, tractor,etc. We paid off every other bill we owed and still had over $20,000.00 when we left. I now know why God never allowed any of my business dealings to be successful, or why He wouldn't allow the factory to put me on full time. He didn't want me there. He wanted me out. If anything would have worked out I might still be there today. God had other plans for my life. I'm thankful that He does His will and not mine. The day we left Wyoming I felt a great load lifted from my shoulders.  I rolled the window down, stuck my head out and as loud as I could I yelled and thanked God.  Israel couldn't of felt much better coming out of  Egypt. I ,too was coming out of bondage.

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