Thank God

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     In April 1992 God moved us to Oklahoma.  I went to E.M.T.,( emergency medical tech.) school, then went to work in Clinton, Ok. In a few months I went back to school for my advanced  license, then went to work for Okmulgee Co. E.M.S.  We moved to and bought a house and twenty acres near Prague, Ok.  The ambulance service that I went to work for had three stations.  There was one in the north end of the county in Beggs, appx . 20 miles south of Tulsa. Then there was central, located in the town of Okmulgee and the southern station was located in Henryetta.  We worked 24 hours on and 48 hours off,  there were two medic's at each station.  I was hired to work at central, then two weeks later they moved me to Beggs. The first morning it took me 1hr and 20 min. to get to work.  I then learned of a short cut, it was a dirt road with so many pot holes it would have been eaiser to dig out the high spots rather than fill the holes. It was slow driving but never the less it saved me about 10 min.  The second time I drove down that road it had rained  and it was a mess. I told God that He needed to do something and quick.  Two days later they begin paving that road.  I don't ever remember seeing anyone driving on it but me. In a couple weeks it was all paved, I thanked God and now I could get to work in 50 min.

     About three months after I begin working I worked a overtime shift in Henryetta .  It was only a 35-40 min. drive and mostly interstate.  I enjoyed working there, and when I inquired about transfering, everyone laughed.  They told me that everyone wants to work in Henryetta. No  one was expected to quit or leave for 5 years, they had one older guy who would be 62 in five years.  However, I was informed that then seniority  would determine who got the position.  The next day I talked to God about it.  I knew that it was right for me to work there, I thanked Him and sat back to watch just what He'd do.  Five days later the operations supervisor called me in and said that they just had a unexpected opening in Henryetta, the first one in six years.  They said that the job was mine. Five days, not five years.  Again thank you Jesus.  

     Now the roads from my house to the Heneryetta station weren't all  nice and smooth either.  Once again I thanked God for my new job, and I thanked Him that He didn't put me there to drive those rough pot holed filled roads, even part of the interstate.  The next day they begin workin on the roads.  In 3-4 months almost all the roads, including the interstate between my house and work where newly paved.  I worked there five years, smooth driving, THANK GOD.

     God taught me years ago to ..." Rejoice evermore.  Pray without ceasing.  In every thing thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

     Many times I have witnessed God intervening in my life, I  daily rise up and expect Him to.  

" Blessed be the Lord,

who daily loads us with

benefits, even the God of

our salvation."

PSALMS 68:19