God's word is like a fire

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      In 1992, '93, and even some of '94, I visited several church's in the Tulsa areas. I heard several well known preachers.  I listened to some  good orators, some good story tellers.  Some were  entertaining and some where quite boring, but never did I see or experience the power of God. It got to be where God would have me turn on a T.V. or radio program just in time to hear a statement that would either be a direct contradiction to God's word, or at best questionable.

     At times I would almost feel guilty because I got to the point where I couldn't stand to listen to them. I sure didn't want to be like them.  We attended a local church, a RHEMA affiliated church which was located only a mile from the house.  The first couple of times I went ,they seemed to be a sure enough bible believing church, but every now and then they'd do or say something way out.  I remember once they said everyone that didn't come forward and have hands laid on them was in rebellion.  Lord knows I didn't want to be rebellious, but God said don't let them touch you. I didn't know at the time that these were spirits that drove these people, God didn't want me to be a partaker of their sins.  Another time I went they were building an addition on to the church. They took up a special offering to help pay for it.  A short while later while in the middle of the sermon a note was handed to the pastor.  He stopped preaching and begin telling how dissapointed he was in the congregation. He stated that all were not listening to God, that not near enough money had come in, so another offering would be taken.  I knew back then that Jesus wasn't a begger, but this guy was almost down to begging with a gun.  When I left that night I was sure I'd not go back  A week or two later, while I was working Rosemary went, she came home and told me that they instructed everyone to line up and put their hands on the waist or shoulders of the person in front of them to form a train. They were going to make a train for Jesus and run around the church. That was enough for her.

     Durning the mid 90's I was increasingly confused about what to do. I felt strongly about the need to go to church, but I couldn't find one.  In March of 1995 I begin listening to Doyle Davidson of Water of Life Min. in Plano,Tx.  I could tell something about him was different, he was no actor.  He was very straight forward, and would tell you of all the things he experienced  while growing in Christ.  He had gone through and experienced many of the same things that I myself had experienced.  Shortly, I began receiving his free tapes, then started attending the gospel crusades held in Tulsa.  For the first time in a meeting I could experience some power.  His words went quickly to the heart and ministered faith to me.  For 14 months I experienced a burning, often very intense, in my belly, my heart.  There were many, many sleepless nights. I  would walk around outside on our 20 acres praying, trying to get some sort of relief.  The burning never went away. It just varied from a pilot light to a roaring blaze.  This all started shortly after I begin listening to Doyle's tapes in May of  '95.  In  Jan. of  '96 I asked him about it. He said not to fight it, that it was the power of God.  Jeremiah 20:9, "...His word was in my heart like a burning fire,.." And in Psalms 39:3 David wrote,"My heart was hot within me; While I was musing, the fire burned..."  God was burning out the chaff from my heart.

     During my monthly visits to the Tulsa crusades God was doing work in my heart. I experienced His presence and power many times. You can read about some of these in my next testimony.