God is my guide

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     While attending  Water of Life gospel crusades in Tulsa, Ok. I was working for Okmulgee Co. E.M.S.  There I worked 24 hours on and 48 hours off.  Occasionally I would have to work a shift  and miss one of the two day meetings.  Often I would find someone to trade shifts so I could attend all the meetings.  One day  God said that He wanted me there for next breakfast meeting.  I was scheduled to work that day so I began looking for a trade out.  It seemed that no one would, or could trade. After I had asked everyone, I told God that if you want me there then you can get me there.  The next day one guy  called up and said he had an emergency come up and if I would work for him he'd trade and work for me.  Thank God, I knew I was going to the meeting. That night I was out walking and praying and I found out why God wanted me to be there.  It was about 7:30 in the evening and God plainly said that Doyle was going to ask me to speak at the next breakfast meeting.  I went in the house and told my wife that God said that Doyle was going to call and I had to speak at breakfast on Friday.  She laughed and said that he didn't even know me.  I'm sure she thought that I was going off the deep end.  She needed something from the store so I went and returned about 8:30.  When I walked in she said Doyle just called he's going to call back later. When he did, he said that God told him to have me speak at the breakfast meeting. I spoke at the next meeting knowing that I was obeying God.

     There was one time I got up early and made the 75 mile drive from home to Tulsa knowing that I didn't have much cash on me.  It cost $1.75 to pay the toll , and I put another $1.75 aside for the return trip. I still had about $5.00 left but my pickup was low on fuel. I made it to Tulsa,  but I noticed that the gas tank was on empty. I planned on going to the A.T.M. machine during lunch and taking out a twenty.  I ended up going to lunch with some other people, forgot about needing money and went back to the meetings.  That night when the final meeting was over, it was about 10:30. I was praying strong in the spirit as I got in my truck and drove away.  I went and got on the turnpike as I always did, then remembered I had no gas.  There would be no place open to get gas until I reached my exit 45 miles away. Besides I had no money, except that which I put back for tolls.  When this truck said empty you might as well park it because it was out of gas.  I saw the gauge was buried in empty.  I began praying strong in the spirit again and I began to thank God for supplying all my needs. I prayed for ten minutes then looked down at the gas gauge. It looked as though it had come up a little. I cont'd praying,  and looked down a few minutes later and had a 1/4 tank of gas. Now I was getting excited, I drove the 75 miles home, never did put gas in and had over a 1/4 tank once I got home.

    On another occasion, I woke up early one morning dressed with my shoes shined, all ready to make the drive to another crusade in Tulsa.  I had planned to go another route, the back way, since I had so much time.  When I pulled out of the driveway I went only a few feet and then remembered that I couldn't go that way.  It had rained extremely hard all night .The road would be nearly impassible do to the mud, so I decided I 'd just go my regular route after all.  I drove 1/2 mile to the next road and there buried to the bumpers in mud was a little white car.  As I drove up a young girl appx. twenty years old got out. She was covered in mud from head to toe. She'd been there trying to dig herself out all night.  You could tell she was exhausted and had cried herself out. She said  "Can you please help me, I've prayed all night".  I said sure, I'd go get my tractor and be right back.  Then she leaned in her car and pulled out a baby bottle and asked if I could bring back something for her baby to drink. The child was hungry and had been crying all night.  She had a 3-4 month old infant with her.  In just a few minutes we had her on her way.  I was muddy, and late for the meeting, but was grateful to God for using me to help someone in such need as that young lady was.

     Countless times God does little things to redirect my life. He is constantly guiding me with his hand on me.As stated in Psalms 32:8,"I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye."  You can read more about God guideing my life in the next testimony.