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     In March of 1998 at 2 o'clock in the morning, I was sitting in a chair under a full moon, out by my pond, praying.  I had been there for several hours, when God told me that He was going to sell my house.  Then He would move us to Texas and start me in my own boot shop.  I was excited.  I'd been an E.M.T. long enough.  This was Wednesday evening, or actually Thursday morning.  I went in went to bed, when we woke up the next morning I shared the news with my wife who received it willing enough, I was sure all things were set.  I decided that if God was going to sell our house then I'd better get an ad in the papers today so they would come out in the Sunday edition.  That was Thursday,  Friday I went to work and they advised me that after 5 years working in Henryetta, that I was no longer employed there. If I wished to continue working I would have to transfer to Beggs,Ok., another 40 min. drive.  When I ask why they said that they have had several complaints during my last shift. I wanted to no names and specific's. I'd never had anyone ever complain before in 5 yrs. You'd have thought under the circumstances that they would have questioned any complaints before such drastic action. At least they should have consulted me, not Jezebel.

     I finally received two names, both of people I knew that supposably called in and complained. I contacted both, I told them that I wanted to apologize  if I've done anything that has offended them. I assured them that it was not intentional. They both thought I'd gone nuts. they said that they've never once called and reported anything.  Then they called my office and reported to my administrator that not only did they not call in and complain but now they wanted to state just the opposite.  When I confronted the Jezebel, ( administrator ) , she informed me that in the state of Oklahoma they didn't have to have any reason to fire or transfer me. I told her that firing or transferring me didn't bother me because she had no authority over me but what God has given her. What did bother me was her lying mouth.  After a few hours I begin to calm down and then God reminded me, " what are you concerned with your moving.".  Then I thought ." Isn't this just like God, He tells me Thursday that He's going to move me, then Friday I get fired, and now I'm sure Sunday when the paper comes out He'll sell my house." . Wrong....

      Since the house didn't sell Sunday, I took my new position in Beggs, certain that what God had said He was well able to preform.  Two weeks go by and I'm driving home from work one morning and I saw a certain real estate sign.  I knew that I was to call them, so I did and in short a contract was signed.

     Only a few days go by when were informed that some people want to look at the house.  Afterwards they go out to the realtors car and tell him they want to buy, he says that that's good because he's only got one other place with acreage.  They decide to go look at it first, turns out they like it better and decide to buy it.  I couldn't believe God would let that happen. It turns out these people tied up that other place for three months and never did purchase it. I later thanked God because it could have been me. A week afterwards we get another looker they too want to buy.  We accept there offer, wait a week to hear about financing because of memorial day weekend. They where declined.  Three days later after much praying we sign another contract.  It is contingent that they sell their home, which they do in less than a week.  We now have a closing date, but we don't have a clue where to move.  I know its Texas because God said that He was going to move us to Texas, but its a big state. Every weekend we drove down praying asking God to show us a  house, which He didn't. It's the summer of 1998, over a hundred degrees everyday, and now only10 days before our closing we still didn't have a house to move into. We'd been driving around for three days in the heat, we had to get back to Oklahoma to go to work the next day.  We arrived home about 8:30 in the evening the sun was going down. it had rained just before we got back. It was cool, way cooler than Texas, the rain seemed to bring everything back to life suddenly. Our 20 acres looked like heaven.  I walked outside and ask God," are you sure you really want me to move to Texas, I perfectly content to just stay right here.  

     The next evening at 10:00 the people buying our house called the realtor and backed out, They decided not to buy our place.  I was at work, my wife called me. I literally got sick to my stomach. I found myself in bed doubled over I couldn't pray, think or anything. Usually I take such news in stride, but this was different. After a couple hours I realized just how much I was really looking forward to moving. Then I ask God, " Why did you let them people back out of our deal 7 days before closing." He answered," I didn't, satan did " Then I ask Him why would He let satan.  God replied, "I didn't, you did " I wasn't sure how I did, then God reminded me of  Balaam, and I knew that I should of never said what I did the night before to God.   I quickly repented and laid down to go to sleep, I looked at the clock it was midnight.

      When I pulled into our drive the next mourning my wife and kids where rushing around mowing grass and cleaning house. The advised that once again someone was coming to look at the house.  A young couple came in, he said that they sold their house and that they where living with inlaws waiting to move into another small farm in a couple days. Then last night the owner called and stated that they changed their mind on selling. He said that he couldn't sleep so at midnight he got up and started driving and found our house.  They bought it, they paid full price, and on July 31,1998 the deal was closed, we moved to Texas.

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