The Spirit Within

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     Several times in my life I've experienced  spiritual powers and movements. I remember many times at night I'd sense a presence in the bedroom, wake up and see evil spirits like black shadows fleeing the room.  Once at one of the Water of Life gospel crusades in Tulsa, Ok.  Doyle was teaching on the law including the ten commandments, and that they were nailed to the cross Col.2:14.  There was a lady sitting two chairs down from me that began shaking her head and lipping the words NO!, NO!, NO!. She then jumped up, came across in front of me and as she did a spirit like a black blanket fell on me.  It took my breath for a second and I could feel this heavy oppression all over me. It took about a minute to be able to bring up the words, " No you don't Satan, I bind you in the name of Jesus". I said all this quietly so as not to interrupt the meeting. Just as soon as I said those words that spirit left me. I looked up and there that woman stood glaring at me with eyes full of hate. She again walked in front of me, reached over and picked up her bible or something she had left. As she was walking out again she gave me another glaring look.

     On several occasions the Spirit of God has came up so fast and so strong within me that I use to wonder what was going on. I've since learned never to resist Him, but pray.  Once when my oldest daughter was three, she climbed on a chair, onto the kitchen counter, and reached on top of the refrigator to get the grape flavored cough syrup. She then opened the child proof bottle and commenced to drink the whole thing. Ten minutes later she passed out asleep. I was at work, Rosemary had been busy cleaning the house and thought my daughter was just tired and taking a nap. At 5:30 she tried to wake her and couldn't. When she realized what happened she rushed to the emergency room.  At exactly 5:30 while sitting at work reading the bible my insides began to instantly boil. The burning in my belly,( spirit ), became so great that I couldn't sit still. I walked around, or rather staggered around praying as hard as I could in the spirit. I couldn't have stopped even if I'd wanted. It was as though I lost control of the inner parts of my body.  I wasn't sure what was going on. In 30 minutes it was suddenly over, just as though nothing ever happened.  It was also the same instant that my daughter woke up at the hospital, perfectly fine.

     This has happened on several occasions.  One night our youngest daughter who was five at the time came into the living room, a few hours after she had gone to bed. She said "Daddy come turn my closet light off I don't need it any more". She had always gone to sleep with the light on.  She said an angel just came in her room and said, " fear not, I'm with you". These are words that I don't think at that time this little girl had ever heard.  A few nights later, again while I was at work, at 2:00 am, I  had dozed off and was sound asleep when I instantly became wide awake and began praying in tongues. Again my insides were roaring. This time it lasted only a few minutes. I looked at the clock and then went back to sleep.  When I returned home the next morning my wife said at 2:00 that morning she found Brittany, our youngest daughter, standing in the hallway wide awake screaming.  She said that there where two devils trying to get her. My wife said "Where, I don't see anything". She kept pointing and saying, "There, right there, get Daddy ". This lasted only a few minutes then she stopped crying and said ," o-k , now they are gone. Rosemary went right back to bed. It was the same time the Spirit in me quit praying.  

     Now when this happens I'm always alert to the time. I don't always know for who or why, but I know that this is the Spirit of God interceding for someone, even for myself as written in Romans 8.