1- pokemon, I choose you!

Ash meets pikachu and misty, and there is the depressing part where pika and Ash almost get killed!!- sob, -_-....o_o!

Articuno's rating: very emotinal, but very good!

Dragonites rating: very, very, very good


2-pokemon emergency

Pika was taken to the hospital, TR [short for team rocket] busted in to steal the pokemon from the pokemon center. This is when TR gains intrest in pikachu, but pikachu fries them and they go "blasting off". P.S. I have known about pokemon for 2 years, so I- Articuno, am pretty much the old pokemon guru.

Articuno's rating: satisfactory


3-Ash catches a pokemon

Ash catches caterpie and pidgeotto, but while he catches pidgeotto he makes a big mistake by using a hurt and defenesles bug to try to capture it! Even though he tried to eat caterpie, he is very welcome to the team. Ash fights team rocket and wins. Did I mention that caterpie evolved?[Ash and Misty have secret crushes on each other. I know this because Ash acts like he hates her too much and because Misty follows him.]Icky-isn't it? *_* #_# ^_^

Articuno's rating: I guess I liked it but I really liked was pika's conversation with caterpie.


4-Challenge with the samurai

Ash battles the samurai and they both shout at thier metapods while Misty and pikachu get a tan. A swarm of bedrill attack and metapod is taken away. Once Ash gets him back he evolves and Ash leaves the forest.

Articuno's rating: Kinda teetering on the brink of boring.


5-Showdown at Pewter city

Pikachu and Ash get to Pewter city. They faced Brock for the boulder badge, but lost. -_- They tried again and Brock's onix caught pikachu in bide. Pikachu attempted to shock onix, but electricity dosen't effect rock-type. Pikachu's shock caused the sprinklers to turn on and faint the mean old onix. Ash was about to finish it, but brock's younger siblings clung on to Ash to stop him from doing so and called him a bully! Oh yeah, earlier on they explain how Brocks mother died and his dad ran away and left brock to care for all his brothers and sisters. ( He also wears a funny looking apron! ) Brock finds his dad, leaves him with the kids, gives Ash the badge, and goins Ash, pikachu, and Misty on thier quest.

Articuno's rating: Kind'a OK, but I HATE rock-type. Water, Ice, and Flying are more beutiful and strong!!!! (Pant, Pant, Pant) Sorry about that


6-Clefairy and the Moon Stone

Misty, Ash, Pikachu, and thier newfound friend, Brock go to Mt. moon's entrance. There, they find Seymore, a scientist who is being attacked by wild Zubats. Pikachu fries the Zubats, on Ash's commamd, and Seymore over-reacts to Ash's heroic deed. (Plus he always speaks in rhyme, I can never figure out exactly how anyone could possibly do that!) Anyway, They continue though the cave to find lights strung through it! This is an outrage because it messes up the pokemon. The Sandshrews dry up and the Paras go wacko and plant thier mushrooms because of the light. Ash spots a Clefairy and gets out a pokeball to catch it. Seymore holds him back because they are almost extinct and only found in Mt. Moon. Ash understands and they move on. They find team rocket cornering a poor little Clefairy and scaring it. Brock and Ash use Butterfree and Zubat ( Brock caught it at the entrance.) and team rocket use Koffing (yes, I spelled that right!) and Ekans. Butterfree and Zubat gave them a swift kick in the fanny while Misty,Pikachu, and Seymore take Clefairy to a safe place. When they got outside, Meouth attacked and Misty fought back with her Staryu. Staryu spayed water in Meouth's mouth until he flew away from the pressure! That part was hilarious!! I forget what happens next, but I will finish this soon!

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