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Gold & Silver Walkthrough!!!!!!!

You first start out in your room in New Bark Town. Go downstairs and answer all of your mother's questions and go into profesor Elm's lab. Now the question is who to choose. Chickorita should only be chosen if you are an expert at this game.[Chicorita is the one with the leaf on it's head.] Cyndaquil is the fire-type pokemon, but I chose the water pokemon, Totodile because I love water and ice-type pokemon and he looks cool. Plus, TotodileThe reason Chickorita is the worst is because the first gym leader has flying-type pokemon which has the advantage over grass. After you pick you must leave town. the next town is cherrygrove city.You will soon find a split in the path, go right. Then you will come across another split in the path, go right again. You will soon find a cottage, go inside and you will see professor oak, he will tell you about. Eventually, he will give you a pokedex, heal your pokemon and dash out the door. Another guy will come and talk to you, now you can finally leave. You will recieve a phonecall saying that one of professor Elm's pokemon was stolen! Now try to go back to New Bark town but your rival will stop you and battle you. After you defeat him, go to Wakaba town, and go into the lab. Talk to the professor, then leave. The pofesser's aid will stop you and give you 5 pokeballs. Now, the backpack is very complex, so follow these instructions very carefully, go into your backpack, press the contrl pad to the right until you get to the pokeball pocket. Go to the second town and go north, this time go right. Continue going north until you reach the third town, Violet city where you must heal your pokemon and fight the gym leader who trains bird-type pokemon and is not so tough. He has a spearow and a pidgeot. When you defeat him, go to the pokemon center and talk to the guy at Joy's desk, if you have room, he will give you a togepi egg.........mmmmmm egg drop soup......^_^ hhhuuuuuu????? O_O oops Go up to the gym, go left, and then south of the town and past the shrub that will give you an endless amount of stuff! It will take one day to grow back, though. Keep going south until you reach the pokemon center. Take advantage of the moment and heal your pokemon, because things will get rough in the cave ahead, and don't forget to save your game. Find your way through the cave. I won't tell you exactly how to get through the cave, because the navigation is easy but the trainers are not. After you get out of there, go west, young trainer until you reach Azalea Town.


I can only provide you with so much information, but I will update frequently. Here is more gold and silver stuff to chew on until I update again.

Gold and silver myths and truths.

You cannot choose to be a girl.

You can only crossbreed 4 pokemon, but you can breed all the others with thier own specsies.

There is ABSOLOUTLY NO skateboard in gold and silver. None, nada, zip.

There is an internal clock.


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