The Weather

When I was in my last year of Seminary I had a Revival with one of the missions of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. I had known Bill Parr, the mission's pastor for six years and I was invited to stay in his home in Dallas and commute with him to the Seminary each day and then rush that 35 miles to the service each night.

As I recall Bill had a real Cool Son who was a High School student at that time. One night he told us about a science project he had made. This is what it looked like. He had a half gallon jar filled nearly to the top with water. Then he had a Coca Cola bottle upside down with its neck going below the water level of the large jar. A homemade barometer, Right? Bill and I both looked at that contraption and laughed him to scorn. Why, what can those bottles tell you? His boy said, This is the first one I ever made but it looks like we will have some kind of a storm soon." We all laughed again.

The next morning there was not a cloud in the sky. Bill and I went to Seminary that day laughing at the crude barometer. We got back to Oak Cliff in South Dallas around 5:00 o'clock that afternoon. We went out in the yard to throw the football around a little when we both at the same time saw first hand a Texas tornado. It was far away and we looked again and there was another one following it. We were close enough that we could see great wreckage in the air. We jumped into Bills car and first tried to get away and then we felt like we should visit and assure some of his people or help anyway we could.

There was nothing funny about the lives lost and great injuries and millions of dollars of damage down but we remembered the night before laughing at the kid's barometer and asking, "What can that thing tell you?" "There's some kind of a storm coming!"

You can laugh at the preachers and men of God that are trying to warn you today but friend your laughing will turn to weeping when the Storm of God's judgement encircles you. You need to go to the Storm Cellar of refuge which is Jesus Christ.

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