A Funny Thing Happened in Berryville, Arkansas...

This week this Church has been in the National News because of their Biblical stand on the home and family. The First Baptist Church of Berryville, Arkansas.

The Joplings were there for a Day of Grace Crusade in the "80's" It was a beautiful and large Church and it was directly across the street from the Football field. It was during football season and their was a game there every night of the week. Most nights they seemed to be louder and having more fun than we were. We thought about going over and joining them. But the amazing thing I remember most was that each night when the pastor came to the pulpit to make his announcements, he would dig in his pocket for something a put it in his mouth. I assumed he was using a breath mint or even a throat lozenge. I didn't mention it to him until late in the week but I finally was so curious that I asked, "What kind of a pill is that you 'pop' at announcement time every night?" Very serious like he said, "Oh, those are memory pills to help me not leave out any of the announcements!" I thought, why didn't I think of that, and get a patent on it and give it to all the pastors across America that have a far more difficulty struggling through announcement time than remembering their sermon outline.

Memory pills! Not a bad idea if it just only worked!

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