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The Churches of Christ Welcome You.

Churches of Christ are founded on the New Testament.  We study all of the Bible (Old Testament and New Testament) and believe the New Testament describes the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets.  We believe all of the Old Testament points to the Lord Jesus Christ as the redeemer of mankind.  We believe God wants every human being to be saved.  We believe Jesus came to bring salvation and that He will come again in judgement of the world.  We believe the Bible teaches that every person can be reconciled to God and have hope of eternal salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus. We believe a judgement day is coming but that no one is excluded from the joy our Lord has promised to all who know God and obey the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We practice open communion weekly in accord with the teachings of the Bible. 

We offer study and discussion to anyone who wishes to learn more or to understand what we believe, and what the Bible says that makes us believe as we do. 

We have small groups that meet in one another's homes every other week.  We usually have a short devotional time and them simply eat and visit. Some very strong bonds develop through these groups.  This is a very caring congregation.  These get-together provide a more informal way for visitors to become acquainted with our people. 

Church Profile

The Springtown Road Church of Christ Congregation consists of about 150 families.   We have four elders and two ministers.  

Visitors describe us as a warm and encouraging family.  

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John Herington and Greg Burns

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1302 N. Main and Fourth St, Weatherford, TX 76086
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Church Information or questions: Springtown Road Church
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