Before the beginning we were one and I loved you.
We laughed and loved together as time woke up.
We smiled and touched and stars were born.
Through countless creations we wandered,
 chased, flew, followed - together.
Forgetting sometimes who we were - we cried through the ages;
But deep inside, our being said "You are one."
And we raised ourselves and stepped aside and
 watched us play among the planets and the stars together.
We watched and wept as time lay down and slept once more;
For this was good.
Our Maker God raised all creation that we might
 go there - sleep, wake, grow and know
We are God's children and we are one and never
 were we gone from God for we are one and I love you.

July 1970
William Victor Pass
November 2, 1944 + April 16, 1992
Victor    Richard
1990   00062VR