Much has been offered as to how, where and when the long anticipated "end of the World" ... the Armageddon ... would occur. Over the ages, forthcoming and predictable events have presented opportunity to speculate on the arrival of Doomsday. Some of the initial Christians, having experienced the presence and death of Jesus, saw him walk outside the tomb and ultimately ascend upward into "heaven." He had given them the first expression of "I shall return." They fully expected to see that happen in their own lifetime ... yet, almost 2000 years have passed.
    Plagues, wars, disasters and atomic weapons each played a role in renewed apprehension of the Last Days. Edgar Cayce, the "sleeping prophet" and an avid Christian, spoke of great Earth changes and the end of civilization as we knew it at some indefinite future date.
    All of these offerings deal with a major destructive event that simultaneously ravages the entire Earth and all that dwell therein. Let us consider another concept that could possibility be more realistic and complete ... especially when we consider our own unique individuality and God's infinite Love and Compassion. In any case, if this concept were followed, it would of necessity lead to a better life and a better World.
    Examine the "individual" ... a unique entity created in the likeness of God (a spirit) ... brought forth to inhabit a pre-conceived human body ... for a singular purpose (to praise and perpetuate God's Love) ... yet also for a unique purpose to accomplish specific tasks to manifest God's Divine Plan in the World (materiality.) That individual enters the Earth armed with every tool necessary to accomplish the "assignment" ... skills, temperament, resources, etc. Obviously, some bring "tools" that might be considered handicaps but, in reality, they would be unable to complete the work without those personal tools.
    Some are here such a short time ... perhaps only hours or minutes ... but others remain for extended periods of time. It depends upon the task to be performed (which is known only by God) and the development of related circumstances (a product of human action.) When the work is done (or adverse circumstances arise which will prevent the work being done), God calls: "Well done good and faithful servant ... come home." At some point when Earthly time meets God's "time", each individual will either pass into the heavenly New Jerusalem (Rev 21:9-27) or remain outside that beautiful City ... forever longing to Enter.
    This is not predestination ... it is God's desire tempered only by the extent of human cooperation (free will.) It is God's desire that "none be lost" but the individual application of the Free Will, given by God, will determine the individual destination
    The concept offered is that the Armageddon occurs within each individual according to what is met within which opposes the heavenly purpose. This is reasonable and logical because the first recorded encounter of Jesus (when he started his ministry after his baptism) was his 40-day contest with Satan in the wilderness (Mk 1:9-13.) What a horrific battle that must have been! The human nature of Jesus demonstrated how an individual was to face the inner Armageddon and remain faithful to the purpose ... "Away with you, Satan!" (Matt 4:10.) There is no safer guard than to surround oneself with the Light of Christ and repeat those words with determination, conviction and faith.
    Only the individual is aware of their personal spiritual encounters, their hopes, their fears, their frustrations and their pain. Only the child Jesus knew of his frustration when he was found in the temple by his anxious mother ... as he told her: "Did you not know that I must be in my Father's house?" (Luke 2:49.) Only the man Jesus knew the pain when the cruel nails were viciously driven into His hands and feet ... when he cried out: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Mk 15:34.) Jesus shared the Armageddon with us.
    The Armageddon to be fought is fought individually within one's own being. The firm and willful rejection of all that deters each from their intended path. How are we to know what our individual path should be? From within because that is the inner sanctuary where the individual resides with God. The personal path has been programmed into our reality by God when we entered. It is deep within ... be not anxious or fearful ... simply follow the daily guidance that you know and recognize as God's inner voice ... ask yourself: "What would Jesus do at this point?" Sometimes we will need to demand: "Away with you, Satan!"
    Armageddon is the facing and the destruction of any evil influence within ... a super ego, hate, revenge, greed, unfaithfulness (to God, self or others), unkindness, selfishness, etc. Day by day we encounter our temptations ... addictions (alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.) ... neglect of duty to God and/or to our purpose. Each day we make a decision of personal will that can either help or hinder our progress on the appointed path. We wander, we flounder, we become "lost" in the wilderness of life. We may even cry out: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Then we get a helping hand, a push or a kick in the seat and we find our way again. God did not forsake us ... we had forgotten who, what and why we are. God was there all the time but we were not looking or listening. We were too engrossed in worldly things! We had roamed to the pig sty!
    So, we had our temptations in the wilderness and we fought the eternal spiritual Armageddon in the material world. Did we accomplish our purpose? Could we have done better? Did we play into the hands of temptation? Did we abandon God's Divine Plan? Did we settle for something less? If we valiantly fought the holy battle, there is no need to feel anxious or fearful. In our unique and individual way, we have labored or rebelled and waited for God's time. Our task completed or (due to lost opportunity) not completed, God calls: "Come home!"
    Upon passing to the New Jerusalem, the individual spirit has experienced its personal Armageddon and exited the material world as part of its True Reality ... that spirit may now say to the newly encountered Christ: "It is finished." (John 19:30.) The material world continues as a place in time seeking perfection or destruction ... depending on the combined effect of each Armageddon Within. Loved ones still reside there and the love of the departed individual remains with them, as does God's love, but the individual spirit is now residing outside of time at a new address ... the New Jerusalem where there is no need for a temple because it is in God, the Holy of Holies!
    A closing thought: Where does one live in that beautiful city? Is it in a fantastic abode where God is seen "face to face" and God's Love is fully experienced? Or is it in the fields outside the City where one is forever reminded of what was missed? It depends upon how the Armageddon Within was executed. How well and how devotedly did one accomplish their own assignment in God's Divine Plan? Which of the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelations was attended? (Rev 2-3.)

by Nathan [March 1996]