Yes, I now must confess to you and the world that I am an adamant participant and supporter of a special interest group. This may come as a shock to some of you but the truth need be known.
    As a youth I had little conception of anything other than my own feelings and that which was in my immediate surroundings. At different stages of my life, the world and reality became more apparent to me. That is one advantage of aging ... experience and exposure to knowledge bring an understanding that enlightens.
    Oh, how I blundered and floundered in that early passage. I still do but, hopefully, not so unwisely. A person of 17 years has experienced the responsibility of a full-time job at age 14. However, that person can only speculate and dream of events yet to come. Often times the dreams do not develop but even greater events happened. The youth did not foresee entering the Marine Corps as a Private during the war and leaving as a Second Lieutenant at war's end ... a college education never expected ... a dear friend only hoped for ... a multitude of opportunities and loved ones ... a period of time in a Monastery.
    In my latter years I see many errors in judgment and action. I thought I knew it all but, in reality, I knew nothing. My "tavern period" was brief ... 1949-1953 ... and it was the loneliest period of my life. However that period also led me to that which would become my special interest group.
    Membership in my special interest group is not restricted and there are no formal fees or dues in a monetary sense. But members need be active participants always ready to step out on Faith in support of the Cause. My special interest group is Spirit ... the Maker of all things seen and unseen ... that which we can cherish and enjoy without waiting for the demise of our physical body. The spirits of those who have gone before are with God ... so are we as we continue to dwell in physical form for the moment.
by Nathan [May 1996]