Please bear with me a moment as I comment about the "olden days" … a process that seems to always gender dismay in the youth as the "old timers" tell how difficult life was when they were a child. I well remember the often repeated story of my father as he told of walking in deep snow several miles to school and eating cold fried wild onions for lunch. I guess there will be a time when the youth of today will lament that, when they were a child, they never had the luxury of a holiday on the planet Mars and they actually had to chew their food rather than being infused with nutrition through the pores of their skin.
    So, to make a point, when I was a young lad the item that struck my fancy was what we called a "cat whisker crystal radio." It had very few and very simple components … including a long wire for an antenna, a sharp pointed wire [cat whisker] that probed the surface of a crystal seeking a sensitive place with a frequency of a broadcast station, a coil of wire wrapped around a Morton’s salt box and a set of earphones. I thrilled when I heard anything in those earphones … even static and a weak voice! My father, dear man, had no interest in delving into such matters … his vocation was cutting leather to be made into shoes and his pastime was whisky and beer. He went as far as the sixth grade but his ability at "figures" was amazing and he was a wise man. For example, he had two phrases he often used … "My boys are no better than anyone else’s but they are just as good" and "Never tell a lie but you don’t have to tell everything you know, either."
    What’s the point? "Some things change and some things don’t." Today, the radio is all but passé and we have lost our ability to enjoy our own imagination … Fibber McGee’s closet and Jack Benny’s vault. The sounds of those events on radio created a hilarious special image in each hearer’s mind that could never be depicted on TV. Radio allowed us to THINK but TV now tells us WHAT TO THINK. Movies of the past gave us beautiful music, real drama and, when two people kissed and the scene slowly faded away, we each visualized what that meant. But the multimillion-dollar spectaculars of today give us no opportunity to bask in our own fantasies as the basic plot is laid before us … we are FORCED to follow the detailed and explicit [warped?] fantasies of the author. I still remember a scene from a cowboy matinee movie many years ago … as the exciting story came to a close, the hero won the heroine and she was sitting on his lap in the living room. He whispered softly in her ear "I hope it’s a boy" and the scene faded to The End. The crowd of young people went wild! Today’s movie would likely not only show in detail how the boy was manufactured but also show, in great detail, infidelity of the father during the mother’s pregnancy, a few shots of drugs along with some alcohol, the abandonment of the child and the murder of the wife. We are not allowed to create our own happy ending.
    Don’t tell me there are no happy endings. There are many happy endings! We need to be aware of "human’s inhumanity to human" [oftentimes to self] and correct it whenever and however we can … but we need to visualize the existence of the "happy side." Each person needs and must make their own vision and each has its differences. Visions do not instantly materialize physical things but visions DO cause events to happen because visions are the driving force of action. To have another create our vision for us is to be captive of another person’s wishes and desires, which may be contrary to what is best for us [or even for society.]
    The potential for radio, television and space walks was there long before they existed in the material world. For that to happen, great thinkers with a vision had to work with what was then available to cause their vision to take real form. Without the vision of such people, we would still be living in caves [without indoor plumbing] and eating raw meat [killed without the aid of a stone axe.] What great potentials are waiting for us to yet experience!
    God had a vision when Creation occurred. God’s vision was manifested in what was presented in the Garden of Eden. That was the "opening scene." Then human, created in the image [eternal spirit] of God, started re-writing that vision to suit their own desires. Through the ages we have made quite a hodgepodge of visions through the use of our God-given free will. Some visions are forward moving … back toward the Garden of Eden. Some visions are being mired in the mud of transient but current conditions. Other visions, inspired by greed, lust, egotism and all the other "bad stuff" … the snake in the apple tree … really get us off track. It happened fast … the first murder, we are told in scripture, occurred in just the second generation of humanity when Cain slew Able. [Genesis 4:8] Offspring are still killing their siblings … as well as parents, strangers and entire families. To emphasize this, all the gory details are aired and written in the media as if we were following the exploits of the world’s greatest heroes. The event is then followed by a widespread trial in the public media that often passes judgment before the valid sitting jury completes its hearing and deliberations.
    All human actions and material things will pass away [including our material body.] Michelangelo has already painted the Sistine Chapel … The American Revolution has already occurred … human has already gone to the Moon … The Berlin Wall has already been destroyed … grand buildings no longer stand. Fanny Bryce ["Baby Snooks"], Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Gracie Allen and George Burns [along with a multitude of others] can no longer stand before us and make us laugh.
    So, who would you follow … the fantasies and "exemplary" exploits of others as your personal vision or would you prefer to pattern your vision with the Original, Old Fashioned Vision? It hasn’t changed because it is the Everlasting Vision. It will be the ultimate winner because it is the Ultimate Vision. Over the years the body has grown and gained a little weight … the hair is more gray … the step is not as firm. The biological computer (BC) has had considerable input and updating but the hard disc has not crashed … it’s still the basic me inside my changing temporal mansion. Frankly, I prefer that which provides lasting, positive results.
    "But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. (Joshua 24:15 NKJ)
by Nathan [July 1996]