Do not tell me that I am not your friend because it is my choice to be your friend and that is what I shall be. You may choose not to accept my friendship but that does not nullify its reality. I stand behind you to give you support, even if you are not aware of my presence. I walk beside you to give a helping hand if it is needed. I may not always be physically present in your life and I may not keep in frequent touch with you … but a friend has been defined as an individual with whom one can experience a spiritual essence in silence with eyes closed.
    Do not tell me that my love for you is for naught because you have no control over such things and it matters less that I be loved than that I love. How can I love you when we hardly know each other and have never really communicated? The intensity and intimacy of love will vary between individuals and levels of relationships but the essence of love is universal and of divine origin … yes, of divine command (John 15:12-14.) To project the attitude of friendship to a stranger may very well establish a lifelong friendship with that person … a friendship that grows with each passing year. To project indifference [or even hostility] toward another may very well hinder the growth of what could have been a treasure for life.
    However, even as a loving friend, there are some things I can not do for you. I can not walk in front of you because then you would not see where you were going or the options of another path. I can not eat for you … take a journey for you … sleep for you … breath for you … endure an operation for you or take your life-saving medicine for you. Each individual must meet their own personal experiences, make the decisions for their own life and accept the responsibility for those actions … if it be to the pig sty or the beautiful garden at a country mansion. Contrary to the claim of some, I can not save your soul or assure you eternal bliss … only you have the power to accept that which can provide those treasures to you.
by Nathan [July 1996]