In order to discuss mundane things in a spiritual context, I thought I would try presenting essays on timely and controversial subjects for the purpose of producing serious thought. It is not intended to create a "battle royal" over the subjects but to have the reader spend some time reflecting on the matter. No doubt there will be strong opposing opinions no matter which side I seem to support [it may not always be the complete truth of my opinions.] Oh well, that’s the story of my life!
    Some of the real life events being reported in the news media are absolutely ridiculous! One item that really struck a chord with me was the announcement by the Southern Baptist Convention that their primary goal in the future was to convert all Jews. Now isn’t that something? I would think a better target would be toward those individuals who either were unchurched or rejected as outcasts by their chosen church. After all, Christians believe that a Jew was God Incarnate and the devoted Jewish people worship the same God that Christians worship … the only God there is.
    When I read the article in the Dallas Morning News, it called to mind a letter I received in 1953 when I was starting my sojourn as a Franciscan Monk in Santa Barbara, California. The letter was from a former neighbor boy in my home town who was serving as a Baptist missionary in Central America. He complained that the local citizenry strongly opposed his mission of converting the Catholics to Christianity!
    Don’t get me wrong … I was raised Baptist and, as they say, "some of my best friends are Baptist." I received my share of gold stars and certificates for Sunday school attendance at Southside Baptist Church in Kirksville, Missouri … Cyrus Davis, Pastor. It wasn’t until 1946 during my senior year at Purdue that I joined the Catholic Church.
    Let’s STOP insisting on others being according to our own "mold" [at least the mold we pretend to be] and START helping others become what God intended for them to be … even if they do or do not believe the doctrine we believe or they do or do not believe that the consecrated wafer on the altar actually is Christ in that Holy Sacrament.
by Nathan [July 1996]