AUTHOR’S NOTE: The only "cause" these writings serve is the "cause" of Divine Spirit … but our spirit dwells for a time in the physical body and there would be no need to write if we were not dealing with the material world … the here and now. Hence, as I have stated, there will be timely and controversial topics discussed in these pages. This is one of them. Please note that this article does NOT speak of deviant activities acquired after birth such as; incest, rape, pedophilia, sadomasochism, etc. None of these are part of the basic nature of humanity.   Nathan.
The original writing of this material was in 1949 and happens to be one of my personal papers I did not destroy when I entered the Franciscan Order to study for the priesthood in 1953. This article has been a rewrite of the original to update the material and to add some newer thoughts
The original writing of this material was in 1949 and happens to be one of my personal papers I did not destroy when I entered the Franciscan Order to study for the priesthood in 1953. This article has been a rewrite of the original to update the material and to add some newer thoughts
       The total area inside the "bell" (triangle) represents ALL individuals who are in the three categories listed above. Arbitrarily I have drawn two vertical lines to divide the area into three sections. No person actually knows WHERE these vertical lines should be drawn and their position may vary for different generations.
       The areas of the three sections [marked: "HE" - Heterosexual; "BI" - Bisexual; "HO" - Homosexual] indicates the quantity of people in those three categories. For those in the two end sections of the curve, choice is NOT a factor.
So, why are there homosexuals? The answer seems simple enough to me. For at least 50 years I have held that the spirit enters into materiality with the tools needed to accomplish certain "assignments" … I have expressed that often in this publication. One of the tools is the natural basic nature to be expressed in the earth. Sexual orientation is one factor in that basic nature. It is part of what is needed to meet the goals of the tasks at hand … for an individual and, possibly, for an era in earthly time.
       It is vital to remember that sex is an earth "thing." There is no need for reproduction in the spiritual realm … that is God’s territory over which neither human, cows nor apple trees have dominion. C. S. Lewis wrote many great books. In one he talked of "The Four Loves." I don’t have his book before me at the moment so I will call the four loves: acquaintance, friendship, eros and spiritual (divine). The first three are of the physical world. The latter is that perfect Love that overshadows and consumes all other expressions of love … past, present and future.
       It does not matter what gender a couple may represent. The important thing is that they are about God’s business and others should not interfere with that work. To do so would invite God’s displeasure and possibly God’s retribution. That is what not committing adultery is about. That is what leaving father and mother and establishing a new home is about. That is what the commandment of Jesus to love one another is about. If it had been otherwise, Jesus himself would have told us!
       With absolutely NO intention of implying anything, I ask anyone who would cringe at seeing two men walk down the street holding hands … what would you have felt if you had been in the upper chamber the night before Jesus died for you and you saw "the disciple whom Jesus loved" (generally accepted to have been the Apostle John) resting his head on Jesus’ breast? (See John 13:23-25; 20:2; 21:7; 21:20-22)
       For the three orientations listed above, perhaps it would be more clear if we displayed the conditions on what is known as a "bell curve." A caution about the bell curve … its use can be abused to the point of invalid display if false or incomplete data is used and we fail to recognize that the shape of the bell will most likely NOT be symmetrical. The curve gets its name from its bell shape. I have not yet developed a talent for computer graphics, so I will display a triangle … please consider this triangle to be a bell.
Ruth 1:15-17 And she (Naomi) said, "Look, your sister-in-law has gone back to her people and to her gods; return after your sister-in-law"; But Ruth said: "Entreat me not to leave you, or to turn back from following after you; for wherever you go, I will go; and wherever you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, and there will I be buried. The LORD do so to me, and more also, if anything but death parts you and me." (NKJ)
       Why homosexuals? A good question and an unnecessary controversial question in today’s world. There are a large number of views and most of those views are based on prior judgment, unwarranted fear, bias, and/or lack of information! It is a condition that has existed at least as long as recorded history and is likely to remain with us until the end of recorded history. It is an earthly condition, not a spiritual condition. The physical human body is part of the human experience only so long as the spirit dwells within the physical body … after that, the body returns to materiality from whence it initially came.
       Spirit gives life … animation … to the physical. This is true with all "living" things … grass, trees, animals, humans, etc. Yes, I know that human is classified as animal, but that classification came from human. In case you haven’t noticed, there is a distinct special difference between a beautiful dog and a beautiful person. Animals have senses, natural inclinations, and many other fantastic attributes that help them attain their mission in life
       Human has all those same attributes [some to a lesser extent, such as smell and hearing] but also has the additional qualities of rationality, planning, decision making and other abilities of analysis and logic. Human was made as a special creation of God that would be the namer and controller of all other elements that were created. Human was the only object of creation that was made in God’s own image! (Genesis 1:26-31)
       Let us first examine one of God’s creations … Trees. There is a large variety of trees. Likewise, there are several different types of oak trees … Live Oak, Black Oak, White Oak, etc. We would consider it ridiculous to think that a Black Oak could choose to be an Elm tree … yet both are trees. The "Life" given the tree … all trees … comes from God. Each tree is unique and special, even in the same "family" of trees … but a tree is a tree is a tree. Any tree can be used to provide us with shelter and heat to cook our food.
       The human is much more complex, of course. We do not expect a tree to be moving about in our yard during the night. If a tree is "domesticated" we do need to clean up after it and care for it, as we do for our animal pets and the infants of our own species. It’s true that some people like to stress the "animal" title of our character and, therefore, "justify" their own animal-like actions of abuse, domination, destruction, killing, engaging in sexual activities (or suggesting it) in public places! Animals don’t know any better … we do (or at least we should!) Human is charged with love of neighbor, respect for neighbors family and property … justice, equality, liberty and the freedom to take actions to accomplish that for which we entered materiality.
Believe me, dear ones, freedom of speech is NOT rolling in the grass in someone’s front yard on a balmy Summer evening … even with mutual consent. A person’s freedom to swing their fist ENDS at the tip of another person’s nose.

       Oh well, back to the subject at hand. Caring rules of sexual conduct apply to every human regardless of sexual orientation. Note that I say "orientation" rather than "choice." First, let us consider definitions:
Transvestite - An individual who enjoys wearing the clothing of the opposite gender. This person is not necessarily homosexual … many (perhaps most) are heterosexual or, at least, bisexual.  Their emotional inclinations might be toward either gender or, more than likely, toward the opposite gender.  I have know a number of cases where an individual would dress as the same gender as their spouse and go out for dinner as two close friends out for the evening.  It had nothing to do with their sex life together.
Transsexual (Transgender) - An individual who feels that their being is trapped in the physical body of the wrong gender. For example, the spirit dwelling in the body of a man may feel totally frustrated and unnatural in that body … they feel themselves to be a woman but they are "trapped" in the body of a man … an extremely hurtful condition for them. They are not necessarily homosexual simply because they would be more at peace to live in a more "comfortable" body.
Hermaphrodite (pronounced herm-afro-dite) - An individual who has sexual organs of both male and female. True hermaphrodites, having both sexual organs completely functional, are extremely rare. Partial hermaphrodites are less rare. They also have their call by God and their physical condition is not related to sexual orientation. It is a heavy cross to bear … especially if, during childhood, the parents decide on an operation that establishes one gender (chosen by the parents) and their choice turns out to be the wrong one for the individual … inadvertently making them a transsexual.
Asexual - An individual who has no sexual organs (according to the dictionary) but, in general terms, the definition includes individuals who have no feeling or need for the sex act. Yes, they are real and they do own their place in society … and there are more than some might think.
Celibate -- An individual who has the capability of being sexually active but, by personal choice, does not engage in sexual activity with either gender.
There is one natural characteristic that all of the above share … the need for and the ability to LOVE. That does not mean sex, it means love! Since the above definitions can apply to any sexual orientation, they will not be included in the discussion that follows. That leaves us with the remaining three definitions.

Heterosexual - An individual who has an exclusive attraction to a person of the opposite sex. This attraction is in the form of establishing a special relationship with their mate of the opposite sex and, most likely, to create a family home. Offspring may not always result from such a union … due to biological reasons, personal choice, or other factors.
Bisexual - An individual who has, to varying degrees, an attraction to both the opposite and same sex. Obviously, the vast majority of humanity falls within this category … primarily because every human has both genders in their physical being … part of the totality of God. This is an area where orientation might be considered a "choice" depending upon the attraction between the individuals and the more inclined one may be toward a specific gender or a specific individual regardless of their gender. In a sense, this is the group that has the greatest torment … for stability in their personal life, they need to make that choice.   The farther away they are from the peak of the curve, the harder it is to make their decision.  Sometimes that decision comes back to them.  If a person has a strong purpose to “force” a change, they can make an outward show of change but, when that purpose no longer exists, their “basic nature” will likely return to haunt them.

I can cite three real examples from personal ministry: (1) "Jack" was deeply in love with "Tom" but felt absolutely no attraction for any other man. Jack told me that if, for any reason he and Tom were ever parted, he would probably find and marry a woman.
(2) "Jake" was married to a woman and had a young son. He was equally attracted to a man but still loved his wife and child. He wanted BOTH. He and his wife came to me for counseling and, after a few sessions, I told him that it was totally disruptive to his present family to consider having a male lover as well. I told him that his basic responsibility was to the family he had created but he had the option of choosing to stay in that relationship or to make a clean and honorable separation with his wife before making a commitment to another. (I would have given the same advice to a heterosexual man who wanted to have two wives.)
(3) "Hazel" was in a heterosexual marriage, with children, for many years. During that time she had a strong, natural yearning to be in a family relationship of a different nature … although she loved her husband and children very much. When her husband died, she met and established a relationship with "Anna," a lesbian, who had a very young daughter, "Patty. " Patty was the wonderful intended product of the brief marriage of Anna and a young gay man … with the understanding that Anna would raise the child. Patty was raised by Anna and Hazel in a loving home. After high school, Patty became engaged to a fine young man and they were married shortly after Anna died of cancer. This is one of many cases where a child has been reared in an openly homosexual household but the child is heterosexual … just as a heterosexual household can produce a homosexual child.

Homosexual - An individual who has an exclusive attraction to a person of the same sex. This attraction is in the form of establishing a special relationship with their mate of the same sex and, most likely, to create a family home. Offspring can not result from such a union … due to biological reasons … but children can be involved who are the offspring of one member of the family (during a prior heterosexual marriage) or the two choose to adopt a child or produce a child by artificial insemination. The children are affected by being in such a family ONLY by the fear of what others may think of the two people that mean so much to them. If there is any "damage" to the child, it is due to what others say and do to them.