One morning in December I sat looking out my window and saw a Robin fly to a perch on a limb of the tree outside my window.  It was a beautiful Robin, as Robins tend to be, with feathers fluffed to guard against the chill in the air.  As it hopped around to allow the bright sun to warm it on each side, its ruby breast glistened as it was highlighted by the sun's rays.
        The leaves in the trees were gone but there was an occasional clump of mistletoe to add a tinge of green.
        Unknown to the Robin, I reached out in my mind's eye and patted its head ever so lightly.  The small feathers felt so soft and smooth under my finger as I imagined the bird returning my affectionate caress with a light peck on my finger.  It was a peaceful and comforting moment in time … a dream while still awake as I gazed upon that which had its origin in God.
        After a few minutes it flew from the tree to explore and examine the courtyard for interesting morsels of the morning.  But, on occasion, it would return briefly outside my window as if to say,  "I'm still here and I love you."  I could then understand the meaning of God's remark at the end of Creation:  "And it was Good."
        Wouldn't it be wonderful if all the earth could come to realize that, if Love abounded everywhere, only peace and joy would face us each moment of each day and we could reach out with a loving touch to caress all that God had made?  I guess we still have some lessons to study and learn in this huge classroom we call Earth.

by Nathan [February 1998]